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MUA Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighting Powders

Highlighting has been having it’s time for about a year now, and I can’t see this moment ending any time soon. Pretty much every makeup brand out there has a highlighter and you can grab your shade and your amount of shimmer from somewhere.


MUA’s offering comes in three shades and retails for £3 per 7.5g pan. I fee like this a is a highlighter that a lot of people own but it’s difficult to find reviews on them so I thought I’d throw in my two cents.

I actually bought the first two shades back in May, then picked up the third a few weeks later. My initial thoughts on these were that they were very meh, but I’d heard good things and wanted to keep trying them. And then the magic moment of breaking the overspray happened. They have almost a film over the top of them the makes the product pretty scratchy but once you’ve got past this layer they’re good consistency.


Iridescent Gold is so yellow that it’s almost green in certain lights, and it really catches the light. Personally on my skin it is too yellow, but if you have more yellow tones in your skin then I can imagine that this is a great budget choice for you. The pigmentation in this is great and it does blend out reasonably well so it can be made a little more subtle.


Pink Shimmer is my most reached for shade out of the three but also has the worst pigmentation (not that it’s bad). If you blend it too much, it just leaves glitter on your face as opposed to a sheen which is a bit of a bummer, but if you blend it with a light hand then you get a very natural glow. If you have yellow tones in your skin, I’d probably steer clear of this but for pinker tones this is a beautiful little highlight.


Opalescent Amber wasn’t a product I bought as a highlighter, but more of a blush or blush topper. And also to complete the set. This is definitely the best shade of the three in terms of being able to apply it. It doesn’t have so much of the weird overspray as the other two so I feel like using the product initially was just a lot easier. However, it’s definitely not a highlighter. It’s too pigmented with the orange tone to work on any skin.


If you’re after a budget highlight and don’t mind the colours being slightly off, then these are a good bet. They blend nicely, and I’ve actually taken to mixing the pink and the gold to get a more natural highlight colour. These aren’t subtle nor do they look like you’ve dunked your head in bowl glitter (the two issues I have with drugstore highlighters), so they’re a good middle ground highlighter. I just wish they weren’t such weird colours on my skin.


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