Mario Badescu Facial Spray: An Alternative To MAC Fix+?

When I bought MAC Fix+ I only bought the travel size as I didn’t want to spend £17 on a product I wouldn’t like. Turns out I loved it but am currently out of employment and can’t afford to spend £17 on hyped up water. That meant I had to venture out and try a slighter cheaper spray, so I hopped onto Beauty Bay and bought the Mario Badescu Facial Spray.


For £5.95 for the 118ml bottle (and £10.25 for double that), I could hardly pass up the opportunity to try it, considering that largest bottle of Fix+ is only 100ml and almost three times the price.

I bought this to use as an alternative to MAC Fix+, which I use in two ways. The first is to make my makeup look less powdery by spritzing all over my face once I’ve finished applying my makeup, and the second is to dampen my eyeshadow brushes if I want a more intense pigment. And I’ve got to say, this works as a pretty great alternative! Side note: I don’t dampen my brushes before I’ve applied any product to them, I do it once product is applied. It seems to stop product transferring between pans a lot better.

Like Fix+, it’s not a setting spray but a facial mist. It’s used to refresh your face throughout the day rather than for getting your makeup to stick. I wouldn’t use this all over my face if I was going on a night out, but I would use this on an every day basis where my makeup doesn’t need to stay but I need it to look nice.

The one main difference, besides the price, is the scent. This facial spray has a very strong scent, but as it doesn’t really sit on your face I don’t think it would cause a reaction to people who are sensitive to scents. Another key difference which will please a lot of people is that Mario Badescu is a cruelty free brand, so if you love MAC Fix+ but want to transition to a cruelty free lifestyle then you’ve found a winner. The packaging is simple, but is much better than MAC’s offering in terms of use. I find that the spray nozzle on Fix+ can sometime fail so you end up having a splat of liquid on your face, but this is just a standard spray pump and very little can go wrong with it.

My two main gripes are definitely the scent and the size. I can get over the scent and it fades very quickly, but the size is irritating. If I wanted to take this away with me I’d have to decant as I usually travel hand luggage only – I’d rather they took away the extra 18ml!

But overall, I am chuffed with this product. For half the price of the travel size of MAC Fix+ but almost 4 times the amount of product, you can hardly go wrong. I’m not saying I’ll never repurchase Fix+ again, but I’m happy with this for now and I know it’s going to last me a long time.


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