Makeup Revolution Light & Shade Palette Review

Makeup Revolution Shade & Light | Essential Twenty

I’m going to start this post off by saying I know that Makeup Revolution have had a lot of stick recently for blatantly copying products from high end brands, but I’m not putting my opinions into the ring in this post. Whether I spend my money on those products or not it doesn’t matter, and it’s doesn’t matter to me if you agree with me buying them or not. Back in January, I did buy one of their palettes – their dupe for the Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye Palette – the Makeup Revolution Ultra Eye Contour Light & Shade Palette.

I’ve had my eye on the Kat Von D palette for quite some time but I was never sure how much use I’d get from the colours. It’s a very neutral palette, which I knew I’d love, but I also knew I’d have most of the colours somewhere else in my collection. When Makeup Revolution released a dupe I thought it was the perfect chance to test out the shades to see if I needed the real deal.

I don’t dislike Makeup Revolutions palettes, in fact I love the Essential Mattes 2 Palette, but they’re definitely no high end palette. The shadows are a little chalky and don’t blend quite as easily as my favourite shadows – give me Urban Decay any day of the week – but for £8 they’re not awful. Sure, the plastic packaging is cheap and the brush leaves much to be desired. The only perk is that it’s an actual brush as opposed to a sponge applicator which is a welcome change from the older palettes.

Makeup Revolution Shade & Light | Essential Twenty

In terms of shades, I do find I reach for this palette a reasonable amount – more than some of my high end palettes – because the slightly lighter toned mattes work well as a crease shade. The very light shades aren’t too pigmented and the really deep shades are a little patchy, but they’re not bad for the price.

My favourite shadow is the red if it’s well blended, but what irritates me is the lack of shade names. I love shade names on palettes and that’s what a lot of the smaller Makeup Revolution palettes are lacking. But what can you do, especially when Makeup Rev are seemingly lacking inspo as they take a lot of ideas from other brands. Okay, I couldn’t help but fit in a teeny, tiny dig.

All in all, it’s not a bad palette. If you’re lacking the funds to pick up the Kat Von D palette then it’s not a bad shout to treat yourself to the Makeup Revolution alternative next time you’re in Superdrug.

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