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I’m pretty new to the world of MAC lipsticks. I bought my first one in September, and have a tiny collection of 5 at the moment. I never understood why people would spend £15.50 on one lipstick when you could spend £5.50 on a Kate Moss Rimmel lipstick (which I adore). But since picking up Velvet Teddy, I haven’t looked back.


The second MAC lipstick I picked up was Fast Play after spotting Lily Pebbles discuss it in this post. After having a few months to play with it, I wanted to let you know my opinion on this lipstick.

Fast Play is one of MAC’s Amplified Creme lippies with a very long lasting formula. It isn’t as drying as their matte shades, but lasts just as long if you give it a little time to set down. I love the longevity of a matte lip but I hate how dry and sore they leave my lips. Fortunately this is a happy medium between having the longevity but still getting some moisture.


On me, this is a hard colour to explain. I see this as a brown-toned red sometimes, and a brown-toned pink at other times (but I do love me a brown lip) although I’ve noticed when looking at other swatches of this that it can look quite pinky on them. I put this totally down to skin colour (as I know that Velvet Teddy is very pink on my mum and a lot browner on me) and if you were thinking of picking this up, it’s definitely something worth remembering. I actually bought this at the same time as buying MAC’s Brick-O-La which is a truer red, compared to this more pinky one.

This is a more statement lip than Velvet Teddy and I do wear it less frequently than my beloved first MAC lipstick, but I still love it. Being long wearing yet almost hydrating, I love this for the cooler months. I can’t imagine I’ll be wearing it for much longer since I’m excited to get the more pink-toned nudes and corals out, but I can’t wait to pull this out of my collection again when the weather gets cooler.


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