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Lush Oxford Street Haul

Lush Oxford Street Haul | Essential Twenty

Yes, I know that it’s not been that long since I posted my last Lush Haul but I just had to post this. I’ve been pretty good recently at staying away from Lush and only stocking up when I need new products, but I couldn’t resist a trip to the Oxford Street store when I was in London on Monday. Definitely a quick turnaround for me!

Am I a bad Lush fan for never having been into the Oxford Street store? Maybe, but it’s not really my stomping ground. I hate shopping in London. Leeds is where I like to do my shopping as it’s busy, but not I think I’m going to get all of my bags stolen if  don’t hold them under my clothes. When I have solo days in London I tend to stick to shops in Covent Garden, with the occasional venture to Carnaby Street, never really hitting Oxford Street. Okay, so not miles and miles away but still far enough meaning I never go.

I thought since I was visiting the biggest Lush store, it only seemed right that I picked up Oxford Street exclusives. Not all of them are exclusives, but most things I picked up were. I couldn’t resist the little (or large) Easter item I bought, which I know is only seasonal, not a kitchen exclusive. Let’s hope I don’t fall in love with it and have to wait another year until I can get it again!

Lush Oxford Street Haul: Chick n Mix | Essential Twenty

The Yoga Bomb Bath Bomb looks very non-descript but it smells gorgeous. Containing sandalwood and having a hint of orange blossom, I’m definitely a big fan. Slightly glittery, but not too much so, I’m ready for a bath with this bomb. I’ve heard great things about it and I think it might have to be tonight’s choice of bath bomb!

The Easter exclusive product I am really excited to try out is the Chick N Mix Bath Bomb which is a three part bath bomb. I know I should probably be more savvy with my bath bombs and only use half each bath, but I’m just not one of those people. This bath bomb is near the £7 mark, but it comes in 3 parts making it cheaper per bath than other products Lush have released recently. The central ‘yolk’ is probably not big enough to be a bomb on it’s own, but I’m going to try it anyway.This is the only new bath bomb in Lush’s Easter Range this year, and I’m super excited to use it. Containing tonka bean and bergamot oil, this has a really inoffensive smell that I’m hoping will be a lot stronger once dispersed through the water. It reminds me of incense sticks without the smoke; definitely onto a winner there Lush!

Lush Oxford Street Haul: Chick n Mix | Essential Twenty

The Golden Slumbers Bath Bomb is full of glitter which I know is going to wind me up, but the scent was too perfect for me not to pick up. As stereotypical as it sounds, lavender really does send me to sleep (hey, it’s proven so you’ve got to forgive me for believing it), and combined with the chamomile I’m excited to use this after a stressful work day. Another Oxford Street exclusive that I’m excited to try, I’m just hoping that I don’t come out looking like a 70s minion – yellow and glittery.

The Roller Bath Bomb is similar in design the to the Over And Over bath bomb which I bought a couple of months ago, and the Never Mind The Ballistics Christmas Launch which I bought in my Lush Sale Haul. I really enjoyed both of them and thought I’d try this Oxford Street Exclusive for a bit of fun. These are bath bombs that have half of the ball coated in a solidified oil that melts and nourishes whilst you’re soaking in the tub. I personally don’t like the new style bath melts that Lush have brought out, but I was a big fan of the older style bath melts. Oh how I miss you old style Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment, please make a return (the new one just isn’t the same). This is just as nourishing as the older style, but you get the fun of a bath bomb! Scent wise, it’s sweet. Very sweet and fruity. The obvious scents of strawberry and orange are definitely something that I know a lot of people will love so maybe it’s worth you picking one up if you get the chance.

The final product I picked up is the Cynanide Pill Bath Bomb which is shaped just like a pill, perfect for the name. It’s probably not going to kill you the same way cyanide would, but hopefully it’s relaxing enough to send you asleep for a few minutes. Another Oxford Street exclusive, released a couple of years ago, I’m excited to try this one. This has a beautiful scent, a slight citrus flavour comes through amongst the woody and nutty smells. It is slightly smaller than other bath bombs that Lush have brought out (Northern Lights is a similar shape but much bigger) but the smell is stronger than most which definitely makes up for it.

Lush Oxford Street Haul | Essential Twenty

I managed to do a Lush haul with only bath bombs and this is nothing short of a miracle! I feel like they bring out a lot of bubble bars and various other products, but bath bombs are what I go into Lush for.

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