Lush Boxing Day Sale Haul 2016

Lush Boxing Day Sale Haul 2016

Last year was a slight failure when it came to the Boxing Day Sale at Lush. It took over a day to get on the website, and when my products finally arrives there were bits missing. Bit of a bummer really. This year I thought this is my year, and tried again. Whilst I got on the website, I didn’t get exactly what I wanted so despite being totally against people having to work on Boxing Day, I am all for half price bath bombs so I may have to brave the store next year. So yes, I didn’t get exactly what I wanted but I did manage to pick up a few bits that I wanted to share with you (because did you really do a lush haul if you don’t do a blog post…it’s like going to the gym and posting it on social media, right?).

I wanted to get my hands on a whole host of items, but I just went for things I was dying to try that were still in stock and stocked up on a couple of favourites. I don’t love Snow Fairy like every seems to, but I do love the scent. I just don’t think it cleans me the way a shower gel should, but my mum believes differently so I stocked up for her. She bought me some YSL bits from Boots so I bought her the 500g bottle of Snow Fairy, along with the 100g bottle to wrap up for her birthday at the end up the month (I also picked up the 250g one for her before Christmas – she’s pretty obsessed so she’ll be getting the 1kg bottle next year from me). Price wise, I got the better deal out of our swap but it’s what she wanted to do.

I loved Shoot For The Stars when I bought it back in November, so I decided to pick up another one. Most of the products that I went for in that haul that I loved were out of stock, but I know that I love Father Christmas and Butterbear was particularly cheap so I did a mass stock up of those. I find that bath bombs like Butterbear, Butterball and Ickle Baby Bot are a good staple to have when you don’t want to go all out on bath bombs but still fancy something a little more indulgent.


I have never tried Northern Lights or Never Mind The Ballistics, so the sale was a great time to test these out. I’m yet to use either of these so I can’t review them, but maybe I’ll put together a mini lush review series like I did back in 2016 to let you know whether these would be worth buying if they come out with next year’s festive releases.

Did you manage to pick up any goodies? Let me know in the comments. And look out for my full boxing day sales haul coming very soon (as I’m writing this I’m waiting on one more products to arrive, but it’s coming via Yodel so it could be a while…if it ever makes an appearance).


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  • world of happiness_x

    great haul. haven’t tried the nothern lights x

  • Great Lush haul! I love Snow Fairy, and Father Christmas!

  • Yiota

    If I ever visit a Lush store, I know I will purchase lots of Snow Fairy bottles, everyone keeps talking about it so it must be great!


    • admin

      It smells like a really heavily scented candy floss, so if you’re not a sweet smell lover then I’d stay away. I personally love the scent and they used to have a product called Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment Bath Melt that smelled identical – it was my favourite and I’m so sad they’ve replaced it with a bath oil (just not as luxurious) x

  • I failed the Lush sale so badly this time around! I thought I’d have been able to bag it all online but when you’re 20,000 in the queue….and I was not getting out of my pjs to brave the store! You got such a good haul! I’m with you on the shower gels though, I don’t think they really ‘clean’ me but they smell great so that kinda wins haha!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

    • admin

      I just wish I could’ve picked up more! Maybe next year I’ll brave the store, but I do like staying in bed in pyjamas more than going shopping so we’ll see x