Life Update #3: The One Where I Learn To Love Social Media Again

Life Update #3: The One Where I Learn To Love Social Media Again

As I mentioned in Thursday’s post, I’m scared about asking for a fee to write. Heck, I’m worried because I don’t know where this blog is going. All I know is that I enjoy it, and want to expand. I’ve used Instagram again over the past couple of weeks, when I’ve barely touched it all year. I’m pinning useful images for my planned European adventure. Honestly, I’m falling back in love with social media. But the problem is, I don’t remember falling out of love with it in the first place.

I’ve been an avid user of social media since the good ol’ days of Myspace and Bebo. I had the same twitter account from 2009 until 2015 (when I set up this blog). Social media has always been my jam since I was in my teens, but blogging changed the game for me.

You see the problem with social media and blogging is that your entire personality must be curated to match your brand. Fashion blogger? All of your photos have to contain your latest haulings. Beauty bloggger? How dare you post a no makeup selfie. Lifestyle blogger? Post whatever you want as long as it’s been filtered to high heaven!

Life Update #3: The One Where I Learn To Love Social Media Again | Essential Twenty

I’d given up with it. I just wanted to post whatever I fancied, which was usually nothing. I mean I wake up, go to work, come home, write a blog post, go to bed. There’s nothing worth sharing about that. But then when I was in France, something changed. I realised I didn’t have to post the most edited photos; I didn’t have to share the most curated version of myself. I just had to share me.

Since I’ve been sharing who I am I’ve been getting more engagement, and I think that’s what the blogging world is missing. People being themselves. If I want a glossy edit, I’ll read a magazine. I haven’t got time for endless makeup hauls and fashion shoots anymore. I want to read about real life, and when I realised that’s what I wanted, that’s when I fell in love with social media once more.

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  • Abigail Lewis-Savage

    I much prefer accounts that you can see some personality rather than the unoriginal same old bloggery accounts. I’m starting to get really disinterested in Instagram at the moment, it’s so hard to build your following but I’m sure I will come around again.

    Abi xo |

  • I feel totally the same, to be honest. In fact, over the weekend I went on a massive unfollowing spree on IG. Which sounds cruel, but I did it because about 60% of the accounts I was following were posting photos I didn’t really like or care about. I much prefer to see into a person’s real life, not just a stream of highly filtered food/travel/beauty posts. So I cut my feed right back to just the IGers who are posting content I love, and I’m just posting content I love too. Whether other people like it or not is irrelevant really. IG is making it so hard for so many of us to get any real engagement on the platform, so I just post for me now! x x