Love Lettuce Review

If there was one thing I wish I could afford more of from Lush is their face masks. I just think they’re pretty pricey since they have to be used within around a month (and there’s a lot to get through), when most other masks require finishing within 6-12 months for around the same price per 100g.


I’ve used Catastrophe Cosmetic and BB Seaweed before, and when I attended the Lush Event a few weeks ago I was drawn to Love Lettuce. That meant that when I last went into Lush, I couldn’t leave without picking it up!


When I was at the event, the man telling us all about the face masks available at Lush convinced me that this was the next mask I had to try. It’s perfect for pretty much every skin type since the Lavender Oil helps to balance sebum production – basically if you’re oily it reduces the oiliness, and if you’re dry it increases the oil production.


This mask is a great exfoliant and my face felt incredibly smooth after washing it off. With the addition of honey being an antiseptic it also worked wonders on the hormonal breakout I had the other week. I can’t imagine it would be incredible for acne sufferers, but for those with the occasional spot this could be the mask for you.


Like all Lush masks, you keep this in the fridge. This makes the masks extremely cooling and particularly calming for the skin. Unfortunately keeping it in the fridge, and out of my sight, meant that I forgot to bring it back to uni but my mum sent it up to me in the week (thank you mother). I’m going to keep using this, but I wouldn’t necessarily buy it again. Not because I don’t love it (I do), but because I want to try all of Lush’s other masks!

Love Lettuce is available from Lush for £6.75 and comes in a 75g recyclable tub.


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