Losing and Regaining Motivation

You may or may not be able to tell but my  blogging motivation is at an all time low. I’m approaching my first blogging birthday (this week!) and I feel so proud of myself for making it this far, but I just feel so meh about my blog.


I feel like I need a break, but having never missed an upload before now I find it so difficult to let myself take a week off.

Since finishing uni and waiting for graduation, I feel in such a weird place. I feel like I’m not a child anymore but I’m still not a fully fledged adult. I can’t find a job and that’s left me a little stuck in my own head.

I have loads of post ideas, but I can’t get the words from my brain to the keys and I’m even struggling as I write this post. And it’s so disappointing as YouTube seems to be coming so easily to me at the minute. I’m a talker more than a writer, and that’s why I think I’m struggling a little (despite the masters that I want to complete being a journalism-esque one).

I feel no matter how I try, my stats are stuck. I am getting a few more page views each month, but nothing significant. My Bloglovin’ followers are stuck around 400. And it’s so flipping hard to get motivated because of it all. But this is all going to change here on in.

I need to stop worrying about my stats and getting posts up on time, and just freaking out about my lack of stability. Instead I need to do this for me which is why I started this little journey. I obviously want to stick to my posting routine as routines works best for me, but I’m going to give myself a little break if I know I can’t post on a particular day.

The three key ways I’m going to start using from tomorrow to get motivated and remain so are the following:

  • Think about the benefits – For me, the benefits of blogging are meeting like minded people (get me to all the events), talking about the things I love and improve my writing skills. I want to start a masters which involves writing and having this blog has improved my writing so much! Plus, the freebies (read: things I work bloomin’ hard for and like to receive recognition for) are a mini added bonus.
  • Do a little bit of admin daily – For the last however long, I’ve been completing my blog admin weekly. It worked for a while when I didn’t have a lot of emails but now my inbox is a little out of hand. From tomorrow, I’m dedicating 10-15 minutes a day on sorting and replying to emails just so that I can stay on top of them, instead of getting stressy at an inbox with 300 unread emails in (most of which are spam/irrelevant).
  • Get Excited – I used to love blogging and get excited to sit and write a post. Instead of making it a chore, I’m going to make it a hobby again. When I try out a new item, I’m going to get my head space back to the place where I use to be and can’t wait to tell you about it. Because I tell my family and friends enough about a product, and I love sharing my thoughts with you.

I’m hoping I’ll be back on track soon, so thank you for sticking with me whilst I’m in this little slump.

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