L’Oreal Pure Clay Purity Mask

Just over a month ago, I put together a review on the L’Oreal Pure Clay Glow Mask and said that I wanted to pick up the other two, but particularly the Purity Mask.


Well, I did and have been trying it out for the last three weeks and can finally let you know my thoughts!

This mask is all for anyone who wants to purest, brightest, cleanest skin (their words, not mine) and contains eucalyptus extract, known for its purifying properties and also mattifies.

This isn’t as heavy as the glow mask meaning it also dries down a lot quicker. When using this, I’ve tended to apply this with a flat foundation brush (my favourite way to apply masks as I can get a precise application without smearing it all over my hands), let it sit for 10-15 minutes minutes whilst relaxing in the bath, then splashing my face with water and wiping gently with a flannel. It’s a super easy mask to get off, unlike other clay masks which is definitely a plus for me.


This mask works deeps into the pores to clean and mattify, and promises that after a couple of uses it claims to work. And it does! I find it tightens quite a lot thanks to drying down of the clay so I have to apply a good moisturiser after, but it does seem to do the job.

If you have really dry skin, I’d probably steer clear but I have normal-combination skin and I love how this works on my skin. I’ve been mixing and matching this with the glow mask, with this applied to my T zone and the Glow mask across my cheeks. It’s been doing wonderful things for my skin and I’ve been trying to follow this regime once or twice a week.

Fortunately you really don’t have to use a lot of each mask so it may say on the jar that 50ml will last 10 applications, but you can definitely get more out of these as only a thin layer is required.

Have you tried any of these masks? I feel like I need to complete my collection of these masks, but I’ve been trying to finish other my Origins Charcoal Mask before I pick up the Detox and Brighten mask.


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