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L’Oreal Cushion Foundation: A Big Miss

I’m not a big foundation experimenter. I’m happy with my L’Oreal Infallible Matte and head to my trusty Rimmel Match Perfection if I fancy a change. However, when I saw that L’Oreal were bringing out their cushion foundation over heart I had to have it.


So many people on YouTube were raving about the new-ish idea of cushion foundations and when Boots had this at an introductory offer at the end of May, I thought it was important to test this out (for the blog, obvs).

My first impression is that the packaging is a little bit of a pain. The puff (or sponge, I don’t know what we want to call it) sits on top of the plastic lid and the lid lifts to reveal the sponge soaked in foundation. This is where my first issue comes in – the plastic seal which isn’t photographed here is such a pain to get back on. I wish the lid was sufficient to keep the foundation from drying out, because I spent about 5 minutes lining it back up and failed miserably. It’s still not lined up as we speak.

When I applied the foundation for the first time, I initially tried the sponge that comes with the foundation but it did absolutely nothing. The coverage was so sheer I might as well have just applied a tinted moisturiser, so in the end I grabbed my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge to apply it.

The coverage was still insanely sheer, and I found it very difficult to build. I have to admit that I’ve not tried it with a foundation brush and I know that sponges soak product up like nothing else, but with all my other foundations working with them there is no reason that I shouldn’t be able to use it with this.


My second qualm is the colouring for two reasons. The first is that I have no idea what shade I have selected. I want to say it’s 3 but I’m really not sure as the only shade label has to be removed in order to open the foundation and that stick is long gone. All I know is that I went for the shade Vanilla as I know that’s my shade in the Infallible Matte foundation. My second problem is that this is not vanilla. This is way more orange than ever vanilla shade. And the orange gets worse, as this oxidises quickly. Within 5 or 10 minutes, it got to the point that I wanted to take this straight off.

Another annoying thing about this product is that it is less than half the volume of any other foundation on the market at 14.6g. By the time you calculate what you’re actually paying per 100g, you might as well splash out on a well formulated high end foundation such as Estée Lauder Double Wear (both work out at around £1 per g – in fact the L’Oreal Cushion works out at a little more than Double Wear). This makes the foundation a total rip off, as you won’t even get most of it out of the sponge in the long run!

In all honesty, there are only two good things about this product: it has SPF 29 and a mirror. And the mirror isn’t anything special. Sorry L’Oreal, this was a huge miss for me and I’m probably going to be passing this on very soon to someone who may be able to give it a little more love. I’m going to stick to my other foundations for now, and let the novelty wash over me.

If you want to see my first impressions as I wore this for the first time, there’s a video over on my YouTube channel! Check that out here.


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