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Life Update February 2018 | Essential Twenty

I’ve got a little bit of a life update for you today. I fancied a chatty post (mainly because I have no desire to take beautiful photos right now as I’m in the midst of blog prop shopping), so that’s what you shall receive. Essential Twenty behind the scenes, if you please.


I work in a college which also runs a few degree courses. Since I’ve been working here, the head of the bioscience degree has been trying to persuade me to try my hand at teaching. Well, I finally gave it. This semester I am delivering 13 lectures to the first year students; introducing them to the world of molecular biology (a world I love, but never talk about on Essential Twenty). It’s been scary but I think I’m getting the hang of it with two sessions down!

Life Update February 2018 | Essential Twenty


January 2018 brought me the second best monthly views that Essential Twenty has ever had. And that was with a week off at the end of the month! I really hope 2018 is the year of the blog, and the year that Essential Twenty finally gets off its feet a little bit more.

We’re also not even two weeks into the second month of the year and I’ve had some fantastic opportunities. You may have noticed that Essential Twenty has very much moved over into theatre blogging. Theatre is something I’ve always had a huge passion for, and I’m so happy that this love is coming through enough that I get invited to review shows that I would happily pay to go to anyway. These press invitations leave me with a few more pennies to see shows that I wouldn’t ordinarily consider seeing, and without these opportunities I’d have a very quiet blog. I don’t want to mention my current press opportunities just yet in case they fall through, but I’m having some wonderful little gems find their way into my inbox as of late.

One final blog point to make is just Essential Twenty in general. This year, I’m upping my photography and content and I may even have a full rebrand. I’m still toying with the idea, so watch this space. I just spent a small fortune on some new props so hopefully that will inspire me a little bit. You can keep up to date on all my blogging tidbits over on LinkedIn – I’m a little bit obsessed right now and try to share the odd bit of news on there.

Life Update February 2018 | Essential Twenty


Not much to report in my social life, although I’ve been binging Friends and am about halfway through season eight at the moment. I’ve got a lot of shows in the pipeline, as well as five more added since there (maybe a sixth if I’ve got around to booking it), which is my idea of heaven. My blog work is my play, and I’m right back into it after my recent break.

My little 300 word filler post is now closer to 500, but I had a few bits to fill you in on before I get my head stuck into blogging. Mainly whilst on various train journeys to London to the theatre! What’s going on in your life right now?

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