Why I’m Moving Away From Beauty Blogging

on August 8, 2017
Giving Up Beauty Blogging | Essential Twenty

I’ve been blogging for over two years now (I sort of missed my anniversary on my actual blog but I do have a giveaway on my twitter if you’re interested in entering) and since day one my content has been pretty beauty driven. However, as I’m now in full time employment I don’t have time to play around with makeup all the time, so with the exception of the impulse purchases I infrequently make, I am moving more into the lifestyle realm.

I still love trying new products when I get the chance, particularly skincare, but nowadays my passions lie in other places. You may have noticed that I am particularly interested in theatre, and have been blogging about it a lot recently. If I could afford to see shows more frequently than I already do, I think I would actually transition into a theatre blog, however for now I’m going to stick with the lifestyle sector.

Giving Up Beauty Blogging | Essential Twenty

Of course I’ll still be discussing beauty – my Sunday declutters and Friday face mask posts will still be on the blog, as well as product reviews and hauls – the posts just won’t be as frequent as maybe you’ve come to expect from me. I suppose the main reason for this is that my makeup, skincare and body care stash is pretty large for a girl who uses the same products day in, day out. I would currently rather save my money for a house or to go travelling, as well as spending money on trips to the theatre (it’s difficult to resist when I can see two shows and buy a return train ticket for less than £50 on a Saturday).

I hope I manage to keep you interested in reading Essential Twenty, and I’ll see you tomorrow for a brand new post (which after all of this will actually be a beauty post).

Grandad | Essential Twenty
  • I’ve been feeling the same about my blog direction recently. I look forward to your new content as I’m definitely more drawn to lifestyle over beauty these days xx

    Rhi | http://www.rinkydinkyrhi.com

  • I’ve always loved lifestyle content probably more than I have beauty content so I’m excited to see the change! I think it’s always nice to have a bit of a mix, it’s definitely what I’m trying to do with my own blog at the moment x

  • I honestly prefer to read lifestyle blogs over just beauty blogs anyway. I look forward to seeing what you have in store for this blog!
    Kiersten Rives

  • It’s always nice to have a change. I love reading lifestyle posts so I can’t wait to see what lovely blog posts you come up with:)

    Emily xo

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