Large Drugstore Palette Declutter, Summer 2017

Drugstore Palette Declutter | Essential Twenty

This is the second of three eyeshadow palette declutter posts; who knew I had so many eyeshadow palettes? Oh wait, I did. Today I’m sharing my declutter of my larger drugstore palettes, as opposed to the quads in my collection. Please don’t judge me for the amount I’m getting rid of; my drawer is still full!

First up are the palettes I’ve never actually used. Yes, three palettes in my collection are untouched. I picked up the Makeup Revolution HD Pro Eyes & Brows Palette in the Boxing Day sales, and like a lot of the makeup I impulse bought that week, I haven’t used it. I have all the colours elsewhere in my collection and the pigmentation isn’t that great so I’m just going to pass this to someone who will love it more.

I bought the W7 In The Buff Palette with the intention of putting together a post surrounding the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette and its dupes, but the post never happened. I’ve only ever swatched this and whilst the colour pay off is great, it seems daft to have this in my stash when I have the real deal.

The final palette I’ve never used is one I was gifted by friends in Spain. The pigmentation in a bit pants and the palette is full of shades I already have so I’m just going to pass this on to family friends who will get more used out of it than I will.

Drugstore Palette Declutter | Essential Twenty

There’s just one other palette that I’ve never used (which wouldn’t fit in the above photo), and that’s the Maybelline The Nudes palette. I’ve heard such mixed reviews about this, and like all the other shadows in other palettes, I have similar shades that I know work elsewhere. I’ll probably include this in a giveaway at some point as I haven’t even taken the hygiene tape off it yet!

I’m also going to be passing on the Seventeen Easy On The Eye The Big Smoke Palette*. This was a lovely palette to use, but I just don’t go for a smokey look all that often so I really don’t need anything other than my Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette in my collection anymore. I also haven’t touched this palette in over a year so I doubt I’ll miss it when I say goodbye to it.

Drugstore Palette Declutter | Essential Twenty

I used to have quite a few Sleek palettes in my collection but over successive declutters, I’ve whittled my collection down. Today I’m saying goodbye to the first Sleek palette I ever got – the Sleek i-Divine Au Naturel Palette. If you need a budget nude palette in your collection, I can’t recommend this more! However, I’ve hit pan on two shades and the palette has just fallen apart so it’s going to the makeup junk heap in the sky.

The final larger drugstore palette I’m decluttering is the Sleek i-Divine Acid Palette*. I have quite a few bright shades scattered about other palettes in my collection that have a slight better colour payoff so this is definitely the one to declutter from my collection.

I feel like I’m doing really well in my declutter series! I don’t even care if nobody is reading these post, it’s therapeutic to pass on makeup I don’t use anymore, especially as I’m moving away from beauty blogging now. My makeup storage is feeling lighter, and I can actually see what’s in my collection!

Drugstore Palette Declutter | Essential Twenty

*This post contains products gifted for PR purposes
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