I’m Addicted To Jigsaws

I’m Addicted To Jigsaws

I know I’m having a blast blogging right now, but when I’m not sat at work spilling acid down myself (lab tech who refuses to wear a lab coat problems) or tapping away at my laptop, I’ve been doing jigsaws. 23 going on 73? Maybe, but I don’t care! I’ve realised recently that I can’t spend all my life staring at a screen, so this is how I spend my time. But why?

When I’m at work, there’s a group of us who go walking at lunch time. But when the weather is naff, how do we fill the hour we have for lunch? Well, we do jigsaw puzzles. And they’re addictive! There’s something incredibly satisfying about finding a piece you’ve been looking for for. Not only is it super satisfying, but doing puzzles is good for the brain! At least that’s what I tell myself to justify buying one on what seems to be a weekly basis at the moment – it’s the Christmas ones that I can’t resist!

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This new addiction to jigsaws has allowed me to find a hobby that doesn’t revolve around social media and the internet. It’s a relief to be honest. Plus, I feel like I’m giving back. At work we only have space for 500 piece puzzles and they’re quite often just as expensive, if not more expensive than, a brand new 1000 piece puzzle. So we head to charity shops. You can frequently pick them up for under £2, so if you’re not up to spending upwards of £5 per puzzle, you can always buy a new one.

I’ve even got Jack into doing puzzles with me, and the one photographed is one I got for my birthday. We started this about ten days ago and it’s still keeping me going. He sort of wants me to save it for when he comes back in a couple of weeks. Sorry Jack, I can’t stop!

Sure, it’s a bit of a weird hobby for a 23 year old to have but I’m a huge fan. Do you have any weird hobbies? Or is blogging your number one bae?

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  • This post made me smile because I find doing jigsaws fun too. I haven’t done one in a while, but I have a couple in the corner ready to do. I know The Works are doing some really lovely Christmas ones at the moment, really cheap. It’s great you are buying them from Charity shops, what a good idea! 🙂 xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  • I used to work looking after Adults with Learning Disabilities and I loved doing puzzles with them! They are so good to get your brain ticking over and use some of that cognitive ability we all loose a bit when we sit on social media all day.

  • AMAZING! It’s not just me then! 😀

    Jigsaws are a family tradition of ours at Christmas and I 100% agree they are so therapeutic. I love the way they bring the family together – it’s something that both the grandparents and younger ones enjoy.

    Sometimes if we like a particular picture, we will fix the puzzle in place, put into a frame and hang on the wall as art! x


  • I love this! I’ve been secretly wanting to try out some puzzles myself and this is pushing me in the right direction. Like you said, it would be great to have a hobby that gets you away from a screen for a little digital detox. Thanks for sharing this!
    Steph x. https://marvelsteph.blogspot.co.nz/

  • I think that is an awesome hobby! I don’t have any patience so it’s hard for me to sit and concentrate on it. I need to find a new hobby away from work and the screen. I may get a few adult coloring books and teach myself to crochet.