Why I’m Not Excited For Autumn

Why I'm Not Excited For Autumn | Essential Twenty

So we’re only just into August, but I know that the second September rolls around the blogosphere will be inundated with posts all about why bloggers love autumn. Sure, I can’t deal with the sweltering heat of summer (on those two weeks of the year we get it in the UK), but I do actually love the summer. Autumn always seems to roll around too quickly for me!

I know the countdown is on for the revival of the pumpkin spices lattes, but to me pumpkin spice everything sucks. It smells weird and even the candles (which I usually love lighting in the cooler months) are naff. Over the past couple of years, everyone has latched onto the whole pumpkin spiced lifestyle and I just don’t rate it. It’s just as blogger as copper and marble now and it’s one of the few blogger trends that I’m not into at all.

I hate scarves but it’s either that or endure the cold blowing around my neck. I have a beautiful scarf from Paul Smith, but I just get the worst neckache from wearing them. In fact, autumn fashion is lame. Give me jeans and a tshirt and I’ll be happy.

Why I'm Not Excited For Autumn | Essential Twenty

As an adult, I think that halloween is overrated. When I was a child I could go trick or treating; when I was at uni I could go out and get drunk in the worst excuse for a costume ever, but now it’s just sad. I sit at home and do very little which makes the event a little dull. I might put together a halloween look or bake something related to the holiday this year, but it’s not at the top of my list to do this October. The only exciting part of halloween last year was the Bloggers Halloween Party in Birmingham.

But the worst thing about autumn is that I get no time off work. I know I’m lucky to have 11 weeks off work throughout the year, but none of that holiday is during the autumn months. Whilst everyone is crunching through leaves, I can’t even have time off for my birthday! I’ll be seeing zero sunlight in the week and my weekends will be spent behind my laptop screen getting blog posts up.

Roll on winter when at least I can celebrate Christmas! And I hope that you don’t hate me too much for not being a fan of autumn like the rest of the blogging world – sorry.

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