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Why I Stopped Writing Recently Read Posts

Why I Stopped Writing Recently Read Posts | Essential Twenty

If you’ve been around these parts for a few months, you may remember that I wrote a few posts about what I’d been reading recently. It was going so well and my reading was up, until it wasn’t, and ‘recently read’ just kind of stopped. I just lost all my reading mojo after hitting a bad book and now I can’t get back into it.

Writing recently read posts was difficult in that it took up a lot of time. I didn’t want to write full reviews, I didn’t want to give away the plot but I didn’t want to not talk about it at all. It was hard! Eventually, the whole thing fell apart because I couldn’t bring myself to write up. The books in the main photo are the ones I read in April – that’s 4 months ago! Honestly, I found it dull. I couldn’t remember half of what I’d read by the time I finished 8 books! The whole thing made me want to quit reading all together.

I’ve read a few books since I hit the wall, but now I’m going to stop forcing myself. I just found that writing about books didn’t interest me, and this is a space for me to write about what I love. Turns out, I love to read but don’t enjoy writing about reading. When work starts again in a couple of weeks I’m sure I’ll get back into reading, although I’m not sure I’ll achieve one of my 2017 goals – to read 52 books in 52 weeks.

Why I Stopped Writing Recently Read Posts | Essential Twenty

I did actually buy the above book to give away as part of my 4th recently read post, and I will be giving it away on twitter in a couple of weeks (once my current one ends). Keep your eye out, and I’m sorry if it’s disappointing to you that I’ve not shared my recent reads.

If I love a book, chances are it’ll get a mention on my social media so keep an eye out. But until I get my book reviewing mojo back, say farewell to books on Essential Twenty for the near future.

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