Why I Stopped Writing Recently Read Posts

Why I Stopped Writing Recently Read Posts

If you’ve been around these parts for a few months, you may remember that I wrote a few posts about what I’d been reading recently. It was going so well and my reading was up, until it wasn’t, and ‘recently read’ just kind of stopped. I just lost all my reading mojo after hitting a bad book and now I can’t get back into it.

Writing recently read posts was difficult in that it took up a lot of time. I didn’t want to write full reviews, I didn’t want to give away the plot but I didn’t want to not talk about it at all. It was hard! Eventually, the whole thing fell apart because I couldn’t bring myself to write up. The books in the main photo are the ones I read in April – that’s 4 months ago! Honestly, I found it dull. I couldn’t remember half of what I’d read by the time I finished 8 books! The whole thing made me want to quit reading all together.

I’ve read a few books since I hit the wall, but now I’m going to stop forcing myself. I just found that writing about books didn’t interest me, and this is a space for me to write about what I love. Turns out, I love to read but don’t enjoy writing about reading. When work starts again in a couple of weeks I’m sure I’ll get back into reading, although I’m not sure I’ll achieve one of my 2017 goals – to read 52 books in 52 weeks.

Why I Stopped Writing Recently Read Posts | Essential Twenty

I did actually buy the above book to give away as part of my 4th recently read post, and I will be giving it away on twitter in a couple of weeks (once my current one ends). Keep your eye out, and I’m sorry if it’s disappointing to you that I’ve not shared my recent reads.

If I love a book, chances are it’ll get a mention on my social media so keep an eye out. But until I get my book reviewing mojo back, say farewell to books on Essential Twenty for the near future.

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  • Caroline Malone

    I relate to this post so much! I love finding out other people’s recommendations (Sometimes I lie is on my list to read funnily enough!) but it is seriously difficult to write posts about them because I agree, I want to write about the book without giving too much away, and I feel as if sometimes I’m just re-regurgitating the book’s blurb xx


  • I think it’s more important you get your reading mojo back than your book blogging mojo back. If you’re not enjoying reading, and there’s something you can do to change that, then do it! Also, Sometimes I Lie and Before I Go To Sleep are amazing books! x http://www.aimeeeraindropwrites.co.uk x