How To Survive Revision Season

We are officially entering exam season. This is the time of year that I tend to get ill, have a mental breakdown and eat so much junk to get through the hardest few weeks of the year. I’m entering my final exam season of my degree and I need to to be the end of May stat!


I’ve never been good at revision because I just never did it. I got straight As at GCSE with minimal work, so I got a little screwed over at A Level and at degree level. That means this post isn’t ‘how to revise’ but more ‘how to survive’ exams.

Every exam season I buy a new pack of coloured fineliner pens and A3 paper. Last year I bought a ream of A3 paper so I don’t need to buy that this year, but I have got a new pack of pens. I bought these for my revision but they’re also working wonders for the bullet journal I’m developing for use after exams. I used coloured pens to make it look pretty, not because it helps me. I know colour does aid some people but for me it just stops me getting bored with blocks of black writing.


I download all the taught notes onto my laptop and put them together with my personal notes. These all get written up on the A3 paper with my coloured pens. But it’s important to pull it all together before you start working or you’ll spend hours searching for bits that will lead to procrastination.


I make sure I have a great revision playlist on my phone or laptop, with my favourite thing to listen to being classical versions of modern music. I love groups like 2Cellos because it’s music that I enjoy, but a little more chilled out.


I love to have a list of everything I need to do as I really enjoy checking off things. I love this to do list which I got in the Spring Box of Lame a few weeks ago, and have been writing all sorts on the sheets.


And the most vital products to help you survive exam season is by having endless and endless supply of tea and snacks. I’ve been loving the Full Monty Loose Leaf Tea* from the Birdhouse Tea Company recently, and my favourite snack is definitely Dairy Milk Giant Buttons.

Good luck as you get into your revision, and I’ll see you on the other side!


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