How To Relax Without Beauty

I don’t know about you, but my go to method of relaxing is slapping on a face mask, jumping in a bubble bath with a glass of wine and closing my eyes for 20 minutes. It works for me and that’s fine, but when I was at university I didn’t have a bath and I tended to reach for vodka more often than the slightly classier glass of wine.


So when I don’t have access to a bath, or when it’s just too hot for one (I’m looking at you September heatwave), I have a few ways to relax other than my go-to.

The first thing I do is light a candle. I’ve been burning through candles very quickly recently now we’re approaching autumn, although I’m using my more summery scents whilst it’s a little earlier in the season. The candle I’m currently burning is one I bought in the New Look sale for £1, but New Look always have beautifully smelling candles in stock. Other candles I love are pretty inexpensive ones such as those from Primark and Ikea.

Next up, I grab always a drink. Some evenings may be a glass of wine, but heading towards the cooler months I reach for a tea. Whether you like the fuss of it or not, you can’t deny that loose leaf tea is the best. It was actually the Chinese Mid Autumn Festival yesterday and to celebrate, China Icons sent me a mystery package full of Chinese food and drink. This festival In this package was some loose green tea* which I’ve been really getting into drinking recently as opposed to a standard English tea just for something a little bit different. They also provided me with a mooncake* which is traditionally gifted to friends and family in order to be wished success and good health – perfect for the job that I’m starting on Monday! I also love having a snack on hand.


I could never usually be bothered with loose tea, but I do think it tastes so much better. I have a mini tea infuser which I leave at Jack’s for if I fancy loose leaf tea at his (it’s got the most adorable duck on top; I love it) but at home I have a Simplicitea Tea Infuser* which makes making a cup of loose leaf tea incredibly easy. One teaspoon of your tea of choice goes straight into the jug, you top it with boiling water and after leaving it to stew, put the teapot over your cup and push down. It’s hard to describe without seeing it for yourself but I assure you, it’s a genius invention!


Last but not least, I grab a book. When I start work next week, it’s going to be over an hour on the bus each day meaning I can finally get back into reading again which I’ve not done for years (like, before my a levels). This week I’ve been reading I Saw A Man by Owen Sheers which I’m not sure if I like or not, but I’m sure I’ll let you know what I thought once I’ve finished.

Pampering and relaxation seriously isn’t just about lazing around, it’s putting yourself in your happy place. Why don’t you take 30 minutes for yourself this weekend, grab a cup of tea and a book and find your happy place.


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