How I store my Skin, Body and Hair Care Products

Although I’ve been scheduling so many posts recently so my blog stays updated whilst I’m in America, it occurred to me that I didn’t have a post written for today. So in a weird make do blog post, I’m going to show you how I store my every day Skincare, Hair Care, and Body Care products. This is likely to change in September because I’m finally buying the 5 drawer IKEA Alex (eventually I want to get a second and the IKEA Linnmon Table Top to make a dressing table, but I’m a poor student and can’t afford that right now), but this is just how I keep it right now. I’m not 100% happy with it but it works for me for now, and it’s been fine whilst I’ve been home this summer.

This is the IKEA Billy Bookcase which I bought for my second year of university. My room was particularly small, and was lacking storage so I bought this as a cheap alternative to drawers. There is a shelf not pictured below here which currently houses my university textbooks and folders and stuff, and it’s the perfect length for them all.

I also don’t want to picture it because when my dad fitted the shelves together, he did the bottom one wrong so it looks a bit naff. There’s usually just all sorts of junk in front of it anyway so you can’t really see it normally. On top is fragrance, my tangle teezer, a comb, and my makeup brushes/other makeup tools. The next step down is skincare, body care, a couple of books, my makeup brush cleanser, and non-makeup samples. The final shelf houses my haircare, my ridiculous amount of medication, deodorant, some Lush goodies and a few other miscellaneous bits which came back from university with my and are currently homeless. The purple box on that shelf has some eyeshadows in which I rarely use, and it was a gift from my aunt a couple of years ago.

On the left hand side of my shelf is where my Tigger Tsum Tsum lives. My boyfriend bought me this when we went to Cambridge in June because I’d been badgering him for ages about buying me one, and Tigger was my favourite character in Winnie The Pooh as a child. I got the McBusted Tin to the rear from their 2014 tour, and it is where I put all my 1p, 2p and 5p coins. There is over £10 in there and I’m going to take it to the bank and that’ll buy me a MAC Lipstick in America (or that’s the idea, it may get spend on something else). My open fragrances sit in this area too, but don’t worry – there is no direct sunlight. The lighting in my room is so poor that there is no such thing as direct sunlight, and I have my bedroom light on most of the time.


On the Right Hand Side of my Shelves, I keep my Tangle Teezer and a comb. These are my most used hair tools, although the Tangle Teezer looks as if it’s had better days so I think I’ll be buying a Wet Brush next. There is also a candle on here, and this is from Dunelm Mill (not that I can remember the scent because I’ve taken off the label and it’s a year old, although Jasmine & Ylang Ylang rings a bell). The mirror comes from No 7 at Boots and has a light up rim. I had a very similar one a very long time ago which my dad smashed when sanding down my door, but my mum bought me a new one for Christmas 2013. It has a 5x magnifying mirror on the reverse which I love for plucking my eyebrows.

My favourite cotton pads are the Maxi Oval Cotton Pads from Wilkinsons, and I use this glass jar from Poundland to store them in as it makes them easy to access. My makeup brushes are kept in tins from Tiger (I spoke very, very briefly about them in my Drugstore Makeup Haul). These only cost £1 each and are a great size, although I feel like my face brush collection is getting a little too big for just the one tin, so I may have to grab another one before Tiger stop selling them. My makeup brushes are a combination of Real Techniques, cheap brushes from Amazon and eBay, Superdrug, MAC, and some that have come in sets over the years. Prior to buying these tins, I used a glass tealight holder from Poundland, whcih I now use to store hair ties in. The front tin used to house a Prosecco secented candle from Urban Outfitters, but I washed it out and I now store my Japonesque Eyelash Curlers, my Bobbi Brown Tweezers, and various hair bits I use when applying my makeup such as a clip, bobby pins and hair bobbles.

All of the storage boxes on my shelves are the Ikea Skubb Boxes which are only £6 for 6 (two small square, two large square, and two narrow oblong ones). I store my every day skincare in a large square box, and this is a combination of cleansers, moisturisers, serums, toners, eye makeup removers, wipes and face masks. I rarely use wipes, but I like to take them out and about with me like when I travel by train.

Although I call this my ‘Body Care Box’, it’s more of a mix of lots of things. I keep baby wipes in here to mop up anyway makeup spillages on surface, tissues, cotton buds, razors, spare cotton pads, spare toothpaste and mouthwash, body moisturiser, hand cream etc. It’s just a combination of things I may need easy access too and fits nicely in this box.

At the end of the first shelf, I keep a couple of beauty books which I refer to regularly, my makeup brush cleanser which I use for spot cleaning my brushes, the lid from the small tin on the top to store my every day jewellery in, a pot of hair ties (not pictured, but it is behind the glass box), and a box which my non-makeup samples live in. My iPod also lives here when it’s not in my bag.

I store my samples in this glass box which a family friend bought me (I believe it’s from Paperchase, but I think I’ve had it for an excess of 5 years) as this way I always see them and remember to use them. If they’re in a drawer, I don’t use them, so this is my attempt to use them up.

Firstly, I didn’t realise this photo was so grainy until I uploaded this but hi-ho, I’m in a rush to get this post written since it’s a monster of a post. The box on the left is where I store my hair products that I’m using at the minute. There’s dry shampoo, hairspray, leave-in conditioner, shampoo that I don’t use every hair wash, hair masks, heat protector and even some hair chalk which I have never used. I’m really not fussy when it comes to hair care so these are pretty inexpensive products. Whilst I’m in America, I will have a post scheduled about my hair care routine so make sure you look out for that.

The box towards the back is where I keep my excessive amount of medication. I have the standard things like painkillers, contraceptives, and throat lozenges, but I also take a beta-blocker three times a day and an anti-depressant once a day so there’s a lot of it. If you’d like me to do post about my experience with the medication that I’m on, just let me know in the comments or you can tweet me @essentialtwenty, and I’ll try to get it done (it may take me a while because it’ll be difficult to explain it all, but I want to write something like it at some point soon, after reading Dee’s post on her experience on an antidepressant).

In the front box, I have my deodorant, my favourite Hollister Body Spray (Solana Beach – it’s absolutely gorgeous) and contact lens solution. My favourite deodorant is Mitchum Pure Fresh Roll-On, but before I found this I tried a lot of different ones so they’re all in there. The contact lens solution isn’t actually there for contact lenses, even though I do wear them; it’s there to clean my piercings. It’s just much easier than boiling water to sterilise it every time a piercing needs a quick clean, especially since I have two that play up all the time.

At the far end of this shelf, I keep my Lush bath bombs, melts, bubble bars and soaps. I’m trying to run this down as the flat I’ll be living in from September doesn’t have a bath *sob* but I like to see them because they’re pretty and smell really good. My boyfriend has also said that I’m not allowed to go into Lush until I’ve used up all of my products, even though I use their skincare as well.

So this isn’t my shelving unit, but my IKEA Malm Drawers. This is just where I store extra bits that don’t fit in my shelving unit. This means any eyelashes I have, spare brushes, nail top and base coats, shampoo, shower gel, clips, face wash, brush cleaner things, things I’ve stolen from hotels (my guilty pleasure) etc. It’s a pretty random drawer but it keeps things tidy.

I know this was a bit of a marathon post, but I quite enjoyed writing it actually. As I said, this will all have changed in a couple of months so I might do an updated storage, and will hopefully sort my makeup storage out too and maybe write a blog post on that.

How do you store your non-makeup beauty products? A lot of people store their makeup in very similar ways, so I like seeing the variety of other beauty bits. Let me know in the comments below.

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