How I Spent Valentine’s Day as a Singleton

Until last year, I had never had a Valentine. Wait, that’s a lie. I got sent one by a friend years and years back and it took me like a month to work out who it was from, but I’m pretty sure his mum sent it (fun fact: he now has a 3 month old).


Last valentines was spent in York as my boyfriend had never been and we wanted to do something for the day, and this year we’re going to Sheffield for something a little different to do. And more excitingly for me – meeting my brother’s new girlfriend. However, I wanted to compile a (very) short of things to do this Valentine’s weekend when you don’t have anything else to do as I actually didn’t used to care about what was going on – to me it was just another day.

Have your girls (or boys) over Strictly single friends, unless they’re going to be alone on the big day. Watch the least (or most) romantic films you can find and pig out on the non-romance themed chocolate. I used to do this alone every year and it was the actual dream.

Have a Gal-entine’s Day If you watch Parks & Rec you will be aware that Leslie spends every February 13th celebrating the best girls in her life, and there’s nothing stopping the boys from doing this too. Go for dinner, get hella drunk on 2-4-1 cocktails but don’t kiss your childhood friend who used to date your best friend when you have one too many (that was a fun text I received last Valentine’s from a very good friend).

Send a Secret Admirer Card This may sound daft because who sends hand written letters anymore, but if you like someone then this is the perfect time to let them know. And you never know what might come of it!

I told you it was a short post! But I have a busy weekend to plan for (including meeting my brother’s new girlfriend which I am way more excited about that I probably should be). Have a fab weekend whatever you do!

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