How I Celebrate Bonfire Night

Remember, remember the fifth of November, gunpowder, treason and plot

With bonfire night being on Thursday, I thought I’d let you in on how I celebrate the day. For me, nothing signifies winter more than wrapping up warm, eating jacket potatoes and watching beautiful colours fill the sky.

For those who don’t know what bonfire night is, it’s the day which remembers when Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament in the 1600s. Gunpowder is what fills the sky in fireworks, and a ‘Guy’ (or dummy) is burnt on the bonfire which signifies the safety of the King. We’re a twisted little country really for celebrating this, but it makes for fun I suppose.

I start each bonfire night in the same way every year, and that’s by eating a particular meal: a jacket potato with the crispiest skin, tons of butter, baked beans and as many sausages as will fit on my plate. And rice pudding for dessert. This has always been the go-to meal on bonfire night in my family. My boyfriend thinks that jacket potato and sausages is a weird meal, but I think it’s delicious. It’s taken me a few years to learn how to make the perfect jacket potato, and if you’re interested I can write a post on how to make it. An alternative meal is a burger or a hot dog at the display that you go to, which my boyfriend though was a much more logical meal.

I went to a firework display very early this year, but I’ve missed out for the last two years since we always left it too late to find a display. They set it to music and a lot of people said it was like a Yorkshire Disney park (which made me laugh). Going to an organised firework display is a great way to contribute to charity, as well as being able to stay safe whilst watch fireworks. Just don’t forget to wrap up warm!

If you’re going to a firework display, you should definitely check if you’re allowed to take in sparklers. As a child, I used to love standing in the garden writing my name with a sparkler. I would make beautiful patterns, and my mum would take awful photos. It was always how we would spend bonfire night if there were no displays on that night.

Wrapping up warm is my favourite thing – scarves, hats, gloves and thick coat mean winter to me. But my absolutely favourite thing is pushing to the front if there is a bonfire and staying really warm. I love spotting the Guy, and my favourite one I’ve seen so far is Spongebob Squarepants a few years back.

Whatever you do, try to stay safe. If you light a firework and it doesn’t go off, stay clear of it. Wear gloves when handling sparklers.If in doubt, go to a properly organised display instead of risking lighting your own fireworks. You know the drill, but remember to be safe.

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