Life Update #5: The One Where I Realise Life Updates Aren’t My Jam

The One Where I Realise Life Updates Aren't My Jam | Essential Twenty

Around a month ago I decided that I was going to be writing weekly updates in my life, but I’ve realised my life isn’t exciting enough for that. Sure, I had a wonderful weekend when I headed to the Blogger’s Blog Awards, but apart from that my weekends are pretty dull and my week is spent at work.

I mean if I’m out and about exploring somewhere new, I write a travel post on it. If I have anything to document, you can find it hidden within other posts. I don’t think I need to be writing life updates on a weekly basis because honestly, I can do this whenever.

I realised that I share a lot of my life on instagram and twitter, so I’m saving my life updates for the major points in my life that I want to speak about in greater depth. I find that when I say I’m going to put together a weekly series, such as my Face Mask Friday posts, I struggle to write. This blog is for me to write what I write, when I want, and with the exception of sponsored posts, I want to get back to that.

The One Where I Realise Life Updates Aren't My Jam | Essential Twenty

I don’t really know where I’m going with this post. I mean, I still love blogging but right now I go to work, get home, write my post for the following day and go to bed. Oh, and put a few pieces on my jigsaw puzzle. I really love jigsaw puzzles at the moment (22 going on 82). I need to get back into a routine, but forcing myself to write posts isn’t the way to do it.

So whilst I’m not going to stick with these weekly life updates, I’m going to stick to my currently Sunday-Tuesday/Thursday-Friday blog schedule. But I’m going to write what I want, when I want. You might get 3 travel posts in a row, followed by a week of beauty, a theatre post then another 4 beauty posts. No more updates, no more set days for certain posts, just blogging what I want. This isn’t a goodbye to life updates forever, it’s just a reprieve from a weekly posting structure.

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