Getting Fit In 2016

This post, and what I’m talking about in this post, is something I’ve been excited about for weeks now. If you follow me on twitter, you may have noticed that I have been talking a lot about getting fitter and healthier and shifting some weight. After my post last week about feeling body conscious, I knew I had to do something about it. And for once, I’m not just saying that I’ll do something, I’m actually doing the do.


I was once pretty fit, attending dance lessons four times a week and walking the hour and a half round trip to school every day, but thanks to dodgy knees and a level stress, I reduced it down gradually. By the time I got to university I was doing zero hours of exercise a week. But now my boyfriend and I have decided to get in shape and we’re going to do it the right way.

I’m sharing my goals so that they’re out there with the world (after I failed fitmas – whoops) and hope that I can really achieve with this new mindset.

  • Lose Weight Yes, I know muscle weighs more than fat but the fat hanging around my belly is definitely in excess. I’m not going to disclose my weight and all my measurements on here right now, but if all goes to plan I will be doing a full on before and after. So watch this space.
  • Join the gym and Get Fit I don’t want to be forking out money every month to a gym, but I think it’s the only way I’m going to actually do any workouts. The gym I’m going to be joining is over the road from my flat and it’s only a year and a half old so it’s pretty up to date. Plus, for an extra £20 per course you get 6 sessions with a personal trainer so I’m pretty tempted.
  • Find Healthy Recipes that my Boyfriend and I love He is not a green eater. He’s all about southern fried chicken and chips, but we’re putting that down and trying something a little more veg based, and a little less fat related. I love veggies, but because I eat with him I get very lazy. However, I got a slow cooker for Christmas and I’m dying to try some healthy recipes out in it that we both love. I’m not saying I’ll never eat pizza, but it’s going to get eaten a lot less.
  • Run for 30 minutes without dying This might be a goal which may be a little out of my reach because I am not a runner, but a decade ago my mum couldn’t run at all (she was more unfit than I am now). And at one point she was regularly running 5k without even worrying about it. If she can do it, I can do it. I’ve not decided whether this a treadmill or road run yet, but either way I’ll be impressed if I manage it.
  • Successfully complete one push up This may sound like a daft goal but I am not someone with good upper body strength. In fact, I am not even someone with mediocre upper body strength. I have zero upper body strength. And I can’t do ‘ladies’ push ups thanks to my knees, so I am determined to one day (within the next year) be able to achieve a solitary push up.

But most importantly:

  • Get healthy I have no intentions of doing any of this by cutting out every food group and spending 7 days a week at the gym. I just want to do this in the healthiest way possible by reducing calorie intake slightly, eating healthier foods and upping my time spent exercising. This isn’t a quick fix for me, it’s a lifestyle change.

I’m thinking about reviewing my progress each month so if you’d like to see that then let me know. And I apologise in advance for all the moaning that is about to commence on twitter (and here if it’s that bad).

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