Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day Grapefruit Setting Spray

Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day Grapfruit Setting Spray

As I sat down to write this post, I realised that I never really talk about setting sprays on my blog despite them being a staple in my makeup routine each day. Maybe I’ll have to get a comparison post going soon on all the setting sprays in my collection at the moment, but that’s not what this post is about. Today I want to talk about the Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day Grapefruit Setting Spray, which I picked up in the Boxing Day Sale at Beauty Bay.

My absolute favourite setting spray is the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray, but after hearing relatively good things I thought I’d pick up a bottle. Certain scents in the travel size were on offer, and after weighing up my options I settled on the Grapefruit scent. Ideally my setting sprays wouldn’t have scents, and to be honest it is a little bit off-putting. Don’t get my wrong, it smells exactly like you’d expect it to but I don’t necessarily want to be adding the scent to my face.

Scent aside, the actual spray mechanism is pretty good, and seems to give a light spritz over the face rather than a shot of product in one place. Personally I think an aerosol spray can would be better for setting sprays but there must be a reason that brands aren’t doing that so I’ll let them off. In terms of longevity, yes it does make my makeup last that little bit longer than if I wasn’t wearing it, but it doesn’t last as long as my trusty All Nighter.

Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day Grapfruit Setting Spray

I’m not saying I’d never buy this again, but I definitely wouldn’t buy it in the travel size unless it was on offer. 30ml retails for £11, with the full sized 100ml bottle costing £14.50, it’s a no brainer about which I would buy if I were to repurchase. In terms of pricing and longevity, the price point is about right. It’s better than the £5 Freedom Pro Studio Anti Shine Fixing Spray (which tends to be my work go-to as I don’t need my makeup to stay perfect, but I want it to hang about for a while at a cheaper price point), but as previously mentioned, it isn’t as good as the one I’ve tried from Urban Decay.

I’d been interested to try the other scents to see if that makes a difference to the application and how long it extends your makeup wear for. I think the green tea would be a little less strong, and that’s the direction I would head in if I were to repurchase. If you want to start trying slightly pricier setting sprays to assess the difference for yourself then this is definitely a good place to start and it’s not bad, it’s just not the best out there. And if you’re looking to try a really great product from Gerard Cosmetics? Well I can’t rave about the Hydramatte Liquid Lipsticks enough and they’re definitely worth every penny!

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