Realisations Whilst Binging Friends on Netflix

Friends was a huge part of my childhood. Watching endless repeats on E4 was pretty much how I spent every evening after school. With Friends hitting Netflix last month, everyone was pumped to relive that portion of their childhood, and I was definitely excited to be part of it.¬†Since rewatching Friends (which I have just finished), I realised a few things. Some are lessons, some are fun realisations and some are just points I’d never put down on paper before.

Ross is the worst friend, but I am him

It’s common knowledge that Ross is the worst friend. He’s very self-involved but doesn’t acknowledge it, and unfortunately I am him. I am the female Ross (without all the divorces). I am the same drunk, I’m not very good at showing my feelings and I’m always convinced I’m in the right. So yes, I am Ross. This is not a good thing.

Both Ross and Rachel were right…and wrong

The whole ‘we were on a break thing’ was something I never agreed with when I was younger. I thought Ross was in the wrong and Rachel was right and that was it. Rewatching with a more adult head on my shoulders, I’m realising it’s not quite so clear cut. Yes, Ross was wrong to sleep with someone else if he thought he’d be getting back with Rachel (like seriously, if you really love someone do you really sleep with someone else?), but Rachel should’ve let it go. Okay, I might feel differently if I was in that situation but as I’ve grown up, I’ve learnt that relationships aren’t always so black and white.

Realisations Whilst Rewatching Friends | Essential Twenty

I was way too young to be watching Friends when it aired originally

…and yet I did! Okay, I didn’t watch it ‘live’ (I mean, I was born the year that it first aired) but I remember watching it on television well before I was 10. I wouldn’t have understood the jokes when I watched it initially, but now I do I can’t believe I was allowed to watch it back then!

There are like 4 episodes I’d never seen until 2018

I’ve never watched every single Friends episode in order, although I was pretty sure I’d seen every single episode. Apparently not! There’s a few episodes around the season 3 and season 6 mark that I’ve never seen. Just how? Well, at least I can say I’ve watched them all now!

Yes it is lacking political correctness, but it’s 20 years old!

Look, there’s obvious misogyny and it’s very anti-feminist. Nor is it very PC, but Friends originally aired 24 years ago. It was a different time! You’ve got to see Friends for what it was when it first aired, not for what we’d expect it to be on our screens now.

Realisations Whilst Rewatching Friends | Essential Twenty

I’m going to be honest, I wasn’t sure where this post was going. I just wanted to say that I binge watched Friends and can finally close that door. For at least a couple of years. Although don’t get me wrong, I’ll still be drinking out of my Central Perk mug at every single opportunity I get! Now what am I going to binge watch next?

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