My Fragrance Wishlist: Spring 2017

Fragrance Wishlist: Spring 2017 | Essential Twenty

Last month I posted a selection of my beauty wants, both skincare and makeup, so I thought it would be fun to talk about my fragrance wishlist. With us being a good way through spring and pretty much into the summer months now, you’ll notice that I’ve picked a lot of floral fragrances. Heads up: I’m rubbish at describing scents! I know what I like, and have taken any descriptions I’ve attempted to make from other areas of the web.

I have a few fragrance items in my history, but when I think of ‘high end’ fragrance, my first was Lola by Marc Jacobs. Since owning that, I’ve had my eye on a fair few. The first being Daisy Dream Blush by Marc Jacobs, which is a beautiful floral/fruity perfume – perfect for spring. I own the original Daisy Dream, and prefer this Eau de Toilette as it isn’t quite a strong. Sure, it doesn’t last as long but the scent is much nicer. I definitely feel the same about the Blush release too after giving it a smell (or 10) in Boots.

Another Marc Jacobs fragrance I’ve had high on my wish list for a couple of years now is Dot by Marc Jacobs, which is another floral scent. For me, it sits in between the youthfulness of the floral Daisy Dream Blush and the more musky Lola, and it’s the perfect young adult scent. Although to me young adult sounds like a teenager, but I honestly mean perfect for a girl in her early-to-mid 20s. This may have to be a Duty Free purchase for me when I head to Spain in July!

Can any beauty blogger really put together a fragrance wish list and not include Jo Malone? I didn’t think so! My parents bought me the Peony & Blush Suede cologne for Christmas, and I’m definitely eager to expand my collection over the next few years! The first scent I’ve got my eye on is the Orange Blossom Cologne by Jo Malone because it smells divine! It’s another fruity and floral scent (can you tell I love the more feminine scents for this time of year?) that may be another addition to my Duty Free shopping list for the summer! The second scent I’m after is the Blackberry & Bay Cologne by Jo Malone, which is more of a fresh scent but not as fruity as some of my other fragrance wants. Definitely an older scent in comparison to Orange Blossom, and can be one for the cooler months too.

When I went to my first event at The Perfume Shop in Peterborough, I walked away with so many fragrance samples. One was Prada Candy Kiss, but since wandering about the perfume section of Boots I’ve fallen in love with the original Prada Candy fragrance. This is another musky scent that definitely has a feminine feel and I can’t help but give it a spritz whenever I spot it in Boots. This was a must add to my fragrance wishlist!

A combination of the floral and fruity with the musky scent can be found in the Chloe Eau De Parfum. Definitely a fresh scent perfect for spring, but probably not quite right for the summer months. I don’t have a lot to say about this perfume, I just know that after smelling it frequently I want to try it!

The final perfume I’ve got my eye on is the blogger classic: Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf. Whilst there are many variations of Flowerbomb, you can’t beat the original! Another floral scent, obvious from the name, and perfect for spring/summer, that I may have to pick up from Duty Free. Or not…I should really just settle on one!

What is on your fragrance wishlist at the moment? I could add so many more that this, but since I’m awful at describing scents I’ll save you the poor writing!

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