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My Fragrance History

I’ve been wearing perfume since an early age, and for that, I blame my mother. I’ve been wearing it for probably close to 12 years. I can’t be certain exactly when I started but I was definitely still in primary school. Of course I wore body spray in the early days such as ‘Impulse’, ‘Charlie’ and ‘So…’, but I also got into perfume quite early in life. Because of this, I feel totally naked if I’m not wearing a spritz or two of fragrance.

Just a quick disclaimer before I start – I can’t describe smells for the life of me. This isn’t a review of the perfumes I used to wear or wear now, this is simply a list of the perfumes I have worn through the last decade and a bit, and how it has changed.

My first real perfume love was Lacoste Touch of Pink, and I still do wear this on occasion if I’m feeling particularly nostalgic. Looking, or smelling, back, it’s got quite an adult scent for a 10 year old to be wearing. However, I’m 90% sure that I’d repurchase it if I ran out. This wasn’t my first perfume (my first was one by Banana Republic that my mum’s friend bought me for a birthday) but it was the first one I wore daily.

When I was in year 7 and 8 at school, everyone was obsessed with Britney Spears’ perfumes. And I was the same. I loved all of those perfumes but I did go through three or four bottles of Curious. It was just quite a cute bottle to sit on your dressing table, and I also had the matching body soufflé. This was a firm favourite of mine for a good few years.

My next fragrance was DKNY Delicious Night, which I also went back to on a number of occasions for a number of years, but I can’t stand the smell now. But due to me wearing it for so many years, I can’t quite bring myself to part with the bottle (I have a lot of a sentimental rubbish like that knocking about – I’m dreading clearing it when I finish university and actually have to leave my parents’ house for good). Maybe one day I’ll enjoy it again, but it might take me a while to get back into it.

After DKNY, I went back to Britney Spears, but this time to Midnight Fantasy. From what I remember this had a less sweet smell than the original Fantasy fragrance, but was definitely sweeter than Curious. It’s been a few years since I used this but I remember loving it to pieces, and I’d be tempted to have a sniff next time I see it out in Boots.

Then Hilary Duff came into my life. I didn’t wear her With Love perfume for that long but I do remember having it in my life so it would seem wrong to discount it from this list. I remember the bottle, but I can’t remember the smell at all. My mum bought me this, as did my aunt, so I definitely had a couple of bottles of this through my teens. I believe this has been discontinued now.

My next new perfume (after a return to Delicious Night) was Taylor Swift Wonderstruck. I’m a massive Taylor Swift fan and my mum treated me to it when it came out. I’m still a big fan of this scent, but I find that it isn’t adult enough for me. It is definitely aimed at a younger audience. Like DKNY, I can’t bring myself to get rid of the bottle just yet, but the dregs of perfume don’t smell anything like the original scent so I really need to discard it.

I became obsessed with the Marc Jacobs perfume bottles a few years back, and one Christmas I was given Lola. I was so happy because I loved it and wore it religiously, but like DKNY, I think I overwore it. I still think the bottle is beautiful, and I love Dot by Marc Jacobs, but I just can’t wear Lola anymore. I have a completely sealed bottle of this in my spares drawer too but I can’t open it because I know I won’t be wearing it any time soon. I’m hoping I’ll get back into it, otherwise I’ll have to gift it to somebody else.

My current everyday perfume is CK One Shock by Calvin Klein, which my boyfriend bought me for my birthday last year. The story I’ve been told is that one of his housemates suggested a few for him to choose from and he chose this one. The boy did good. I love this fragrance, and I’ve worn it pretty much every day since he bought it for me. I’m getting to the end of the bottle now, but hopefully I’ll be able to drop a few hints so that he treats me for our anniversary or my birthday in a few months.

If I’m not wearing perfume, I’ll definitely be wearing the Hollister Solana Beach Body Spray which is one of my all-time favourite smells. I have three bottles of the stuff knocking about in my bedroom at the minute so that definitely shows how much I love it.

I can’t say how my taste of going to change over the next few years, but I imagine that it will, so I’ll keep you posted on what my body is smelling like. Have you got any fragrance recommendations that I should know about? I’ve got a trip to America at the end of the month and I’m definitely going to be splurging at duty free.

Want to know which fragrance options I’ve been reaching for in 2017, 2 years on from this post? It’s changed quite a bit, and one of my old favourites have made a reappearance.

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