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In the last month or so, I’ve received a lot of food in the post. My family is absolutely loving it, but it’s getting difficult to review because I just can’t get through it all! Therefore I’m going to start reviewing food in posts once a month rather than a post for every single product. It’s just getting too much for me!


Today I’ve got healthier chocolate options, crisp alternatives and an easy lunch box snack to share with you, so I best get into it pronto!


To kick off the healthier chocolate option is Chocolate And Love*, a company who create dark chocolates in a variety of cocoa percentages and flavours. I was kindly sent 6 of their flavours to try and as much as I like chocolate, I can’t get through it that quickly! However, if you follow me on twitter you’ll be able to catch my opinions as I get around to trying them all. Fortunately, at the Bloggers Ball, another company called Seed & Bean were there and I could try out their chocolate too and I can compare the two.


In my goodie bag I was gifted Seed & Bean’s Sweet Orange & Thyme* chocolate, which I first tasted alongside Chocolate and Love’s 65% Orange* chocolate. They are distinctly different, despite both being dark orange chocolate. If you like an intense dark chocolate, then the Chocolate & Love bar is definitely for you, whereas the Seed & Bean offering is more for the experimental chocolate lover. I’m personally not a big thyme lover, but you get the orange and thyme in two different flavour waves so it doesn’t merge in a weird fruity, herby mess. Basically, I was impressed with both of their offerings and they make a nice treat.


I’m just going to put it out there straight away, Ape’s Crispy Coconut Curlswere not for me. At all. When I read the press release I expected them to be crisp alternatives. I was expecting the flavourings to overpower the coconut taste, and they just don’t. And for as someone who doesn’t mind coconut being in things but don’t like the actual taste, this was a big miss for me. However, I did want to be able to give you details from a coconut lover’s point of view (thank you to my mum for providing this POV), as I made a bit of a faux pas by accepting these to review. My mum loved them. She love coconut and it was the perfect amount of coconut as a snack. She’s actually been taking these to work as alternatives to crisps, and they even count as 1 of your 5 a day!


The final snack I’ve got to talk about today is Snact*, which I sort of ate three of before I got around to taking photos. Whoops? Snact are healthy snacks made from ‘ugly’ fruit, and are the adult alternative of many of the healthy fruit snacks found in the super markets. These come in Apple & Raspberry, Apple & Mango, and Apple, Blueberry & Banana, and the Raspberry one has to be my favourite. I bloody love raspberry!


Writing this has made me very hungry, and I hope when you are reading this you have access to a load of snacks because you’ll need them!

Depending on where your snacking habits lie, I think that one of these products will be for you. Personally I’ll be heading towards the chocolate and fruit jerky in the future when I’m not having a major Pringles craving (aka every other day of my life).


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*This post contains products I was gifted in exchange for a review, but all opinions are my own. My full disclaimer can be found here.

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