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Due to the awful weather recently, photography just isn’t happening for me right now. However, I wasn’t going to let that stop me from posting.


Today I want to talk about some of my favourite blogs out there right now. If you want to view any of these blogs, just click on a header and it’ll take you right there (although if you’re not following these lovelies already you’re doing something wrong).


Kat is one of my favourite ladies on the internet and her blog is growing each and every day, and it’s so well deserved. She’s probably one of my first blogging friends out there and I hope she remains one of my best bl0gging friends.

jennaJemma is going from strength to strength recently and there is a good reason for that. She is super duper lovely and produces such amazing blog content, as well has having the most wonderful etsy store which I have made a couple of purchases from. She’s also just started a blogger girl gang which is all about positivity and it’s an amazing idea (I joined straight away; you should too).


Grace is the loveliest of people and deserves an endless ream of followers. She knows my uni struggles and she posts the funniest lifestyle posts going. Definitely someone to follow who you may not be as aware of (but deserves as much recognition as all these other ladies).


Ami is one of the first blogs that I found through a twitter chat and I’m so glad I did. She has the most beautiful photography and wonderful posts on a whole array of topics. She’s also coming to stay with me in just over a week¬†and I’m so excited!

robynRobyn is an absolute angel and I’m so glad I found her through twitter thanks to her #letstalkanxiety project (see my post on the subject here). I’m not the biggest fashion post lover, but her posts are incredible, as well as her snapchats of her cat. You’re seriously missing out if you don’t get daily photos of Bubbles.


Rhianna’s blog is probably my most read. I’m always checking if she’s written any new posts, and I’m so glad she’s as lovely on twitter as her blog makes her come across. I’m actually super excited to attend an event she has planned next weekend and get to tell her how amazing she is irl (without coming across really creepily – sorry Rhianna!).


Hayley was one of the first blogs I followed just before I started my blog, so she was definitely one of my deciding factors on starting my blog. She writes the most beautiful posts, and she really is someone I idolise in the blogging world as she seems so down to earth. Also, her theme is pretty much my blog goals.


Kayleigh is my favourite person to follow on twitter right now, and her blog is way up there too. Her photography is incredible, and her writing is just as wonderful. She writes about the same things I’m into and I wish I had her talents. And can we talk about the header that she designed herself? It’s so cute!

Who are your favourite bloggers at the minute? I’d love to know because I’m always trying to find new people to follow.

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