#Fitmas 2015

Since I moved back to uni in September, my boyfriend has been going on at me to get fit with him. He’s even promised to pay for my gym membership just so that he has someone to go with. But after Rihanna mentioned that she was doing #Fitmas on twitter at the start of the week, I thought it would be something that I would look into. I used to spend hours every week in the ballet studio, and since I started university in 2013, my exercise has been lacking. And being totally honest, I need a head start on my boyfriend.


What is #Fitmas?

#Fitmas is a Christmas fitness challenged set up by Corinne which runs for the five weeks remaining of the lead up to Christmas. It begins tomorrow and ends on the 20th December, giving you the full Christmas period to relax and know that you’ve done a bit of good before the binge which will inevitably happen over the following week and a half. There are three compulsory workouts to take part in each week, and one optional, with each one targeting different a different area, giving you three or four rest days a week (score for the exercise-phobes like me). There’s also a weekly challenge, so you can really see how your body is improving on a regular basis.

As well as doing this alone, there is a blog link up which you can sign up to so you can see how other people who have set themselves the challenge are doing, and you can follow the hashtag on twitter too. You can read Corinne’s post and the eBook for further information.

My Goals

This isn’t about me losing weight (although that would be a positive because my little tummy isn’t going to shrink by itself); this is about me getting fit. My main goal is to get into a routine where I can exercise and not be in physical pain for three days after. Okay, I’m not that unfit, but it’s been a while since I’ve done any real exercise. I want to climb the three sets of stairs between the lab and the office I leave my things in at uni without a hint of breathlessness. Towards the end of the challenge, I hope to be exercising daily, even if that means just a 5 minute HIIT workout twice a day (once in the morning and once before bed). I’m hoping that by taking part in #fitmas, I’ll be able to join the gym in January without going into panic mode that I’m the least fit person in the room.

I probably won’t be posting an awful lot about #fitmas on here but you’ll be able to follow my progress on twitter. I will be writing a big summary post at the end of the challenge so you can wait for that, or if you have any specific questions, feel free to shoot them my way. Let me know if you’re taking part in #fitmas so that I can follow your progress (personally, I think getting fitter is a lot easier when you’re being helped along by other people), and I’ll see you on the other side – hopefully a few inches trimmer, and a whole lot fitter!

Thanks for reading

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