My Favourite Summer Activities

Summer Days: Ice Cream | Essential Twenty

At the weekend, some incredible weather hit the UK. It was beautiful! I even got a little bit of colour on my chest. With summer right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to put together a little list post about my favourite things to do during the sunnier days that will hopefully be lying ahead.

Visit a local beauty spot

I’m not one for exercising, but I love going for long walks on warm days. There is a country park called Ferry Meadows close to me, and I spent hours upon hours every summer as a child there. Walking around the lakes, taking a picnic, relaxing with a book and grabbing an ice cream – all some of my favourite things to do. I’m not saying Ferry Meadows is worth a drive to if you’re miles away, but there’ll be somewhere similar near you. Check it out, take a magazine and a bottle of water, and just chill in the sun.

Summer Days: Blossoms | Essential Twenty

Head To The Seaside

I’m going to be honest, I don’t love the beach. I hate sand and the way it gets stuck between your toes. But what I do love is a trip to the seaside! I can get to the seaside in just over an hour, and that means a walk along the beach and plenty of fish and chips. Yum!

Crack out the Pimms

Is there anything that screams British Summer more than an afternoon in a beer garden with an ice cold drink. My tipple of choice is cider or the iconic Pimms. Alcoholic fruit is basically the only way I’ll eat fruit and I’m not even sorry.

Summer Days: Flowers | Essential Twenty

BBQ To Your Heart’s Content

When the temperature reaches the point where I no longer have to wear a hoodie then I eat more barbecues than is probably good for me. But it’s not just the charcoaled meat that I go for (in fact, I pretty much ignore the meat other than the occasional sausage and burger). No, I’m all about grilled halloumi and vegetable kebabs, the new potatoes drowned in butter and the greek salads which I’ve got making down to a T. I’m just a foodie at heart, and love sharing this with friends and family.

Watch a Storm

Despite loving the sun, I can’t get enough of watching lightning in the evenings. I remember once as a child, my dad woke me up and got me to stand on our garden bench in my pyjamas watching the lightning in the distance. Maybe he just wanted to kill me but I like to think that he knew that what I love to do.

Summer Days: Branches | Essential Twenty

Take Stock Photos

I’m guessing that if you’re reading this post, you’re a blogger just like me. On summer days, you can pop out and take a ton of photos perfect for posts like this. I took every photo for this post over the weekend and I have more stored up for future posts. Cambridge, Ferry Meadows and London were my backdrops and I’m determined to get out a little more to take similar photos when I have more free time and beautiful weather to do it in.

I can’t wait for the summer to hit. Everybody seems happier and so full of life, and I’m so ready for the incoming warmth! What are your favourite things to do in the summer months?

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