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Face Mask Friday: Face Mask Wish List, Autumn 2017

Face Mask Wish List | Essential Twenty

We all know that I’m a face mask junkie, so I’ve always got a lot of them on a wish list. I was having a think about which masks are on said list, and instead of keeping it to myself I thought it was about time to share it with you.

I’ve not tried too many Origins masks, but since the Origins GinZing Peel Off Mask was released last summer. I love a peel off mask and I find that not many masks aimed at adults have this property. It’s so satisfying, and I think it’s because it feels like you’re peeling away a layer of dead skin and renewing the surface. Honestly, I love them so much! Refreshing tired skin, this is exactly what I’ll be needing when I go back to work next week and I’m very tempted to treat myself.

When I put together my Sephora wish list, I put on the Fresh Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy Boosting Mask which unfortunately I was unable to get. However, I’ve been looking at the masks a little more and I’m still hung up on getting a mask from Fresh. After reading up on the properties and uses, the Fresh Rose Face Mask would be perfect for the upcoming cooler months!

I’ve never tried anything from Nügg and a week or two ago I noticed Feel Unique sold mask sets for all different skin types. I’m having a little bit of a blemish issue at the moment, so I’m definitely considering buying the Nügg Face Mask Palette for Clear & Smooth Skin. This set contains four single use masks: a deep cleansing mask, an exfoliating mask, a hydrating mask and a soothing mask. These are all things I go for when it comes to a face mask!

I’ve tried a couple of The Body Shop Expert Face Masks and have really enjoyed them. Recently, they have released The Body Shop Japanese Match Tea Pollution Clearing Mask which looks like so much fun! I have been spending a lot of time in London recently and I love to use products that are going to clear my skin after being in the big smoke. This is definitely high up on my wish list!

There are two Kiehl’s masks on my wish list right now. The Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Mask is another of these clearing masks that I’m interested in using after a day of exploring to get dirt out of my obscenely large pores! The other mask is the Kiehl’s Cilantro & Orange Extract Pollutant Defending Mask for the exact same reason. I just love masks that are going to get deep into the pores and remove all signs of dirt.

The final mask on my list is one that Anna has been raving about for years. The Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask is hella expensive – £55 in fact – but is the ultimate three in one mask. Exfoliating with pumpkin enzyme, peeling with AHAs (which you can read all about in my post about acids in skincare) and polishing with aluminium oxide, this really is an all in one mask that I need in my life.

So that’s my current face mask wish list that grows on a weekly basis. I can’t help that I’m obsessed! Which masks are at the top of your wish list at the moment?

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