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Everyone’s Current Must Have: Sleek Solstice

Since Sleek released their highlighter palettes a few months ago (closer to a year now), I’ve been um-ing and ah-ing about picking them up. I swatched them so many times in store and knew exactly how pigmented they were, but the colours just seemed a little odd for me (especially the Midas Touche palette with that blue hue).


But when the popular YouTube gurus starting going on and on about this bargain offering from Sleek, I had to finally bite the bullet and treat myself to the Solstice palette.

In terms of packaging, it’s pretty sturdy. Its gold metallic packaging is forever getting dirty fingerprints all over it but in terms of durability it isn’t bad for drugstore. It comes with a reasonably sized mirror, and my only real criticism with the palette’s structure is that it only opens to 90 degrees. I like to be able to push my mirror back a bit but it isn’t possible due to the hinges but this is just a minor quibble.

My one other tiny issue is that it doesn’t need the brush inside. It’s naff and doesn’t really help with application. I’d rather the palette was a little bit smaller and not worry about the brush. But let’s get onto the actual highlighters.


This palette has one cream highlight and three powders, all with insane intensity. These are pretty much the most pigmented highlighters I own and at £2.50 each that is incredible. Seriously the swatches further down the post do not do the pigmentation justice.

The champagne cream shade is ecliptic, the lavender shade is hemisphere, the orange tone is equinox, and the yellow is subsolar. Personally I don’t wear cream shades all that often, but I’ve been loving mixing all three of the powders together to highlight my cheekbones. And if I’ve wanted a really bright inner eye and brow bone highlight then I apply subsolar to a pencil brush and dust it on. A lot of people have compared this to Nylon by MAC but having never tried it (bad beauty blogger?), I can only guess that this is the case. Whether or not it does live up to the Nylon hype, I can assure you that this is a beautiful highlight nontheless.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEcliptic, Subsolar, Hemisphere & Equinox

If any makeup lovers, or more importantly highlighter lovers, out there do not own this palette then what are you doing? Go to Boots or Superdrug and get this in your stash now!


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