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May Empties | Essential Twenty

I really enjoyed summarising what I used up in April so I’m back this month with another empties. May’s edition doesn’t have quite as much makeup, but there’s still a fair amount. I’ve also been using up a few of my products deluxe sample sizes in terms of skin and body care this month.

First up is makeup, with mainly base products. Makeup empties are definitely the most satisfying, but I’d love to say I’d finished a bronzer or an eyeshadow over base products. Anyhow, first up is the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Translucent, and this must be my fifth empty of this. It’s always been my favourite powder and a forever repurchased product of mine, until I tried a new product this month when I used this up which I’ll save for another post. Would I Repurchase? I do already have a backup which I will 100% use, but I’m not going to rush out to repurchase it when that one is used up.

Another Rimmel product that I’ve finished in the past month is the Rimmel Match Pefection Foundation in 103. This is another product that I’ve repurchased a fair few times and this is the third bottle I’ve used up. Whilst the coverage isn’t anything to write home about, I do really enjoy using this for work as it is just the right for what I’m after. Would I Repurchase? I already have, and I definitely will buy a couple of back ups when I pop into store and it’s on offer.

Now that Elf is in Superdrug I definitely don’t mind talking about products from them. The first up is the ELF Blemish Control Face Primer which featured in my Winter Favourites (keep your eyes peeled for tomorrow’s post to see my Spring Favourites post). I love this primer as it is moisturising and definitely increases the wear time of my foundation, but I did get a bit peed off when I didn’t realise how low I was until it didn’t pump anymore. It’s easy enough to check, but I’m lazy I suppose. Would I Repurchase? I’m trying to cull my makeup collection a little, but when I’ve got through my primers I definitely would repurchase.

May Empties: Makeup | Essential Twenty

The second ELF product in my May empties is the ELF Makeup Mist & Set which is the first setting spray I ever bought (thank you Target – you were my lifesaver in America). To be honest, I didn’t rate this as a setting spray, it was just nice as a facial spritz. Would I Repurchase? No. It’s fine but I much prefer my Urban Decay All Nighter.

A makeup tool I’m classing as an empty because it’s definitely past it’s best is the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. If you’re on a budget or new to the world of blending makeup out with something other than a brush or your fingers, this is a wonderful sponge. It’s a reasonable price and I’ve loved using it. Would I Repurchase? I have a backup but once I’ve used that to death I think I’ll probably stick with my trusty Beauty Blender. It’s just that little bit better.

In terms of skincare, I’ve managed to use up a few miniature cleansing balms that I’ve had knocking about. The first is the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm which I’ve not made my mind up about. This removed the majority of my makeup but didn’t get enough eye makeup off for my liking. I have another deluxe sample of this cleansing balm so I need to give it another whirl before I fully make my mind up about it. Would I Repurchase? Ask me again in a few weeks.

The second cleansing balm I’ve tried and finished this month is the Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm. Honestly, this was pants. There is no way I would pay £48 for the full size as it barely removed any of my makeup. I was triple cleansing when I used this balm just to get my every day makeup off! Would I Repurchase? No effing way!

May Empties: Skincare | Essential Twenty

Another miniature I’ve used up is the No 7 Youthful Eye Serum which I talked about in my recent skincare routine. I really rated this as a lightweight eye cream and was definitely surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Would I Repurchase? I currently have  a lot of eye creams in my stash and need to use those up first, but I would definitely consider repurchasing this.

The final skincare item is another product that featured in my recent skincare routine, and this is the Soap & Glory Speed Plump Overnight Miracle Moisture. When I first started using this I was really impressed but now I feel a bit meh about the product. I was happy to finish this up and get it out of my collection to be honest. Would I Repurchase? No, it didn’t do what I wanted it to.

Since there no hair care in my empties this month (how have I not finished a full dry shampoo? That’s a miracle), I’m onto the last category – body care products. First up is The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Hand Cleansing Gel which smelled gorgeous. I love grapefruit scents and this was super strong! Do I think you need to spend £2.50 on hand gel? Definitely not. Was this nice to use? 100%. Would I repurchase? Possibly. I currently have the orange scent on the go and a lot of other hand sanitisers in the wings, but I did like this one.

The backs of my arms are really rough, and as the weather warms up I like to scrub them almost daily. I really rate the Soap & Glory and The Body Shop scrubs but I’m trying to branch out a little more. The Rituals White Lotus and Yi Yi Ren Mild Exfoliating Body Scrub was nice, but not worth the money at all. It was fine, but it didn’t do the same job that scrubs that cost far less do. The scent was also pretty non-existent too which is a little disappointing. Would I repurchaseNo, and it’s put me off the scrubs in the other scents too.

May Empties: Body Care | Essential Twenty

The only deodorant that seems to work for me is the Mitchum Roll On. It is the best anti-perspirant on the market to me and maybe TMI but it also works wonders as an anti-chafe product. I’ve got through a couple of these but they last ages so you won’t see this crop up for quite some time in another empties post. Would I Repurchase? What do you think? Of course I have!

A miracle has occurred – I have finished up a perfume. The Lacoste Touch Of Pink was the first ‘adult’ fragrance I was bought and have never finished one (I don’t know what happened to them, I just know I never used on to the bitter end). But the day has come and I am pretty smug about it. This scent reminds me of being a teenager and dousing myself in it on a school camping trip rather than showering (gross) so it’s almost a little bittersweet that it’s empty. Would I Repurchase? I doubt it. My fragrance taste has changed quite a lot over the years and whilst this is nice, I’ve got my eye on a few higher end fragrances.

Phew, long post over. And I’m really happy I get to throw all these empty bottles and tubs away now! What have you finished up recently?

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