Empties, June 2017

Empties, June 2017 | Essential Twenty

June has been a disappointing months for empties. My skincare regime has gone a little awry and I’ve been switching between a lot of body products, meaning I haven’t finished a load of stuff up this month. Hey, at least it makes for a quicker post for me to write!

I’ve used up two micellar waters this month. I had the on-the-go size of the Garnier Micellar Water at Jack’s which I’ve been using when I’ve been to visit him but since he’s moving he brought all my stuff home for me to finish up. I probably only got three uses out of this before it became an empty, but it’s one of my favourite budget options. Would I Repurchase This? Definitely. I only have a couple of micellar waters in my stash now so I’ll probably buy the humungous 700ml bottle.

The second micellar water I’ve used up is the Simple Micellar Water. This is another repurchase, but it’s not quite as good as the Garnier offering. It does a great job at removing face makeup, but it’s not as effective as eye makeup removal as the former. Would I Repurchase This? If I saw an offer where this was included, I probably would, but I’m not rushing out to buy it.

A product I don’t want to talk about too much is the Origins Flower Fusion Hydrating Sheet Mask but that’s only because I have a full post going live about it tomorrow. You’ll find out my full thoughts then!

My final skincare item is the La Roche-Posay Serozinc* which is designed to be a toner, but to be honest I used it all up as a cooling spray when we had the hot weather a week or two ago. It’s supposed to make your skin feel less greasy and look mattified, but I was sweating so much when I used it that I definitely couldn’t tell the difference. Would I Repurchase This? No, not as a cooling spray nor as a toner.

Empties, June 2017 | Essential Twenty

Another month, another perfume! I can’t believe this is the second month in a row that I’ve used up a perfume. Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream was a scent I’d had my eye on for a while  and I finally got it a year or two ago. Since I have so many perfumes I’ve been spraying them a little more liberally and finally getting through them, but I have really enjoyed this one. Would I Repurchase This? Probably not. I would love to be given it as a gift, but if I were to purchase a Marc Jacobs fragrance for myself I’d probably go for Daisy Dream Blush or Dot.

Two dry shampoos this month – the Soap & Glory Rushower Dry Shampoo (full review here) and the Philip Kingsley One Day More (does anyone else want to break out into song when they read this?). Honestly, I didn’t particularly love either of these. They served a purpose but they didn’t live up to my bae Toni & Guy. Would I Repurchase These? Perhaps if they were on offer, but probably not.

And last but by no means least, I have finished up my first ever lipstick. Which one you ask? Well of course it’s MAC Velvet Teddy. I bought this 2 years ago in America and have been wearing it probably 4 out of 5 days to work for the last 9 months so it’s actually a miracle that it’s taken as long as it has. I love how comfortable this is to wear and that it lasts all day! Okay, to be honest there is a tiny bit let but it’s too awkward to use now – it’s close enough to being finished, I promise. Will I Repurchase This? Maybe in the future, but I have so many other lipsticks that are similar at the moment I’ll hold of for a little while. Right now I’m dedicated to a pinky hue from Clinique.

I can’t believe this is my third empties post in three months! Another month of empties will be appearing soon. But meanwhile, what have you finished up recently that you’ve either been super impressed with or somewhat disappointed in?

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