Empties #4: Body Care

Here is my final instalment of my empties for this month (and the final post of the month), and maybe this will teach me not to leave it so long next time because there were so many products to talk about. This post is all about body care so mainly shower gels.


I’ve obviously used up more products than just shower gel as you can see in the above photo but when it’s me and my mum using the same products, we get through it crazily fast!

I’ll start with shower gel since that’s the majority of the post and I can get it out of the way. I very rarely buy shower gels for myself as I get them gifted to me all the time for birthdays and Christmases so I don’t often get to pick which ones I have in my stash. In fact, every thing in this post bar the hand cream was given to me as a gift.

I actually used up two of my three bottles of Soap & Glory Clean Girls Body Wash as I’ve been making it my aim to get rid of all my mini shower gels, of which there are a lot. I’ve even told everyone in my house not to buy shower gel and I’ve put them all in the bathroom. This shower get was a bit too creamy for me, as I do like a proper gel as opposed to a cream but as these were only small bottles I wasn’t too bothered that I didn’t like them.

The other shower gel I’ve used up is from Jack Wills which was an okay shower gel, but I don’t like that brands such as Jack Wills and Ted Baker (another brand which I have loads of toiletries from because people know I love Ted Baker clothes so I end up getting loads of gift sets from Boots for Christmas) have branched out into average toiletries for a hiked up price. As I said, it was an average shower gel but I don’t have a lot more to say about it. At least it was a gel though, rather than a cream.

A product that I was gifted by Ami when she came to visit me in December is the I love Strawberries & Cream Bubble Bath which smellt incredible. It didn’t give the most insane amount of bubbles (not like a Lush Bubble Bar) but it was so easy to use that I didn’t mind. I usually buy products like these as a bubble bath as they’re not crazy expensive so I don’t feel bad for overusing them, which I am definitely known to do.

This may be a little TMI but I get really rough arms so I’m always looking for a great scrub to try. My favourite is probably the Soap & Glory Scrubs but I know they’re a little harsh for every day use. The Sanctuary Spa Gentle Polish Body Scrub is definitely great every day scrub as it’s the particles in it are small and are in a gel rather than just pure scrub. However, it’s not a scrub for pre tan or scrubbing it off as it isn’t harsh enough (I’ll stick to Soap & Glory for that).

The final product I’ve used up recently is The Body Shop Glazed Apple Hand Cream. The Body Shop sell amazing hand creams that sink in fast and actually moisturise your hands. I think I’ve been through a few of these over the last couple of years but this is probably my favourite scent I’ve tried so far. This is a Christmas limited edition scent but I’m hoping this will be back out this Christmas so that I can stock up on other products in the scent!

I did it guys, I finally wrote about all my empty products (and already have four more products to talk about…maybe I’ll have to make these a month thing). Let me know your favourite shower gels because I’m on the hunt for when I’ve used up my stash!


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