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ELF Illuminating Palette

ELF is one of those brands that I always hear great things about but I never buy anything from them. When I was in America last summer I bought a few of their products but they were nothing to write home about.


However, we all know that I love to try out new products and I picked up their Illuminating Palette at the back end of October.

I’m a sucker for a highlighter, whether that be subtle or something a little more glaring. However, for every day wear I definitely go for subtle with my favourite being Topshop Crescent Moon. When I spotted this for £7.50 with free shipping, I thought this could be the perfect alternative so that I could switch up my daily highlighter choice.


Before I move onto the product inside, I’ve got a few quick comments to make on the packaging. The outer packaging is nothing special – black, matte and plastic – typical ELF really (and will get filthy once it’s with the rest of my makeup collection). Inside is a huge mirror which in fantastic. As the palette is square, you get a square mirror which is obviously far more useful than the longer mirrors you get in most palettes.

And now onto the formula: despite never trying the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders, so many people on the YouTube beauty scene have said that this is a pretty good dupe (and it was previously called the Ambient Palette) so I snatched it up quickly. As you can see in the photos beneath, if you want something glowy, don’t even bother with this palette. But if you’re anything like me and don’t want anything too sparkly for every day wear.


The swatches are a little difficult to see as they do blend with my skin ton, but moving under natural light you can see a slight sheen. These have a pretty creamy consistency as far as powders go which mean they blend beautifully. The deepest shade will never be a good match for me, but the other shades are great depending on the situation. The bottom left will work wonderfully when I’m a little more tanned, the top right is a beautiful everyday shade and the top left works as a subtle inner corner and brow bone highlight.

£7.50 is a bargain for this product, and even when ELF haven’t got free shipping on all orders, it’s only £2.95, or free over £25! Just don’t look at the small price it would cost if you got it in the US (they always get it better than us lowly Brits).


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