Easily Forgotten Beauty Essentials

I find that beauty blogs often focus on makeup and skincare, but I have a few essentials that I cannot live without. These are products that I have backups of backups, and store them everywhere in my life – my flat, my boyfriend’s flat and my parents’ house. If I don’t have access to these I panic as my makeup and skincare routine just isn’t the same without them.


Some of these are products that I use every single day, with others being products that I just know that I like to have in my stash as a ‘just in case’.

My body relies on Mitchum Deodorant. I have tried so, so many deodorants over the years and the roll on one is the only one that actually works as an antiperspirant for me. Not only do I use this for my armpits but it actually works wonders as an anti-chafing agent (try it on your thighs when you wear a dress in the summer, thank me later).

For my skincare, I have to have Bioré strips. I have the worst blackheads in my nose and these are one of the few products that I have found to work for me. These are usually pretty pricey for what they are, but if I ever see them at half price or BOGOF I always stock up! Plus, there is something super satisfying about seeing the gunk they pull out of your face when you remove them.

I also ensure that I have plenty of muslin cloths or flannels in my collection. I tend to pick these up for 30p each at Wilko, or get a pack three for £1.50 in Primark if I fancy a bit of colour. I don’t bother getting expensive ones as they just get makeup all over them, but they’re super cheap and great to have in bulk.

I currently have four bottles of Micellar Water in my skincare drawer – a very nearly empty bottle of Bioderma, a Boots Botanics one, a bottle of Anovia micellar water and my trusty Garnier one. I use this as my main makeup remover before I use an oil or cream cleanser so that I don’t totally destroy my flannel on first use.

Another Wilko buy that I love are their Maxi Oval Cotton Pads which cost a mere 50p for 50 pads. I love these to remove makeup as they’re so big, much cheaper than most places and they’re actually really good. Whenever I go to Wilko I make sure I stock up because you can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll run out and not have the chance to go to a store for ages. I’ve even converted my mum to these!


When I’m applying makeup, I have to clip my hair up. I used to tie it up with a hair bobble or stick it back with grips, but my favourite to use is a Hair Claw from H&M. It doesn’t leave kinks in my hair and stops the inevitable ‘foundation in my fringe’ disaster.

I love a good lip balm to keep my lips hydrated. I wear an awful lot of matte lipsticks and the only way to relieve my lips after a long day is by owning a huge number of lip balms. My currently go to are EOS Lip Balms, although if I want a more intense moisture I love the Nivea Essential Care balm.

Cotton Buds are super essential for cleaning up any eye makeup mistakes. I tend to buy cheap one for correcting makeup and have separate ones for the gross job of cleaning my ears (I give my ears the fancy Johnsons Treatment). If I didn’t have cotton buds, my eyeliner would be even more pants that it already is 9 days out of 10.

Last but not least on my essentials are Baby Wipes. When I am busy swatching makeup I forget that it has to come of my hands/arms. Sometimes I can’t be bothered to full on cleanse my arm, and makeup wipes can be pretty pricey for the few you get in a pack. Instead, I keep baby wipes in my drawer for wiping off swatches. They’re under £1 and do the job just fine!


What are your non-beauty beauty essentials? I also like to keep baby wipes and/or hand sanitiser in my bag for when I go to Boots or Superdrug because I will come out with a hand of swatches that I can’t remove!


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