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I’ve never been a huge wearer of jewellery, more out of laziness than not having the desire to wear it. That is jewellery other than my slightly more obscure ear piercings (which I wear daily because too lazy to take them out, and I usually forget they’re there).


However, I do have a couple of staples I go back to time and time again and I thought I could share those with you in a slightly different post.

I was bought my first Pandora bracelet when I was 18 and my second when I was 21, and I have shared both of these before. However, I do wear these bracelets a lot and can share with you a few more charms I’ve got recently. When I graduated I received three charms as gifts, two from my grandparents (royal guard and Union Jack) and one from my parents (owl), and for my 22nd birthday, Jack bought me the camera charm as a link to blogging. I really don’t wear my Pandora bracelets as much as I wish I could, but I’m not risking damaging them with corrosive acid at work. This is my life now.


Way back in June I attended the bloggers ball hosted by Scarlett London, and Jewellery Box were there. Everybody who went up to their stall got a surprise gift or two, and I received this ring*. I never used to be a big ring wearer, but for the past 6 weeks or so I’ve worn this every single day. I love that it stays flat to my finger so doesn’t get in the way, and its adjustable which makes it easy to put on and take off (don’t judge my fat knuckles). Yes okay, it’s a toe ring, but I love how understated it is on my fingers so I’m not changing how I wear it. And unlike most budget jewellery, this and a lot of their other products are made of Sterling Silver meaning it doesn’t make your hands go green (bonus since I have to wash my hands a lot at work). Jewellery Box have some gorgeous pieces starting from £2.90 so they’re definitely a company to have a look at.


A couple of weeks ago Johnny Loves Rosie got in touch with me about creating a Halloween wish list from their latest collection and I picked out this Lightning Bolt Necklace* along with this choker* which I’m hoping to some integrate into a Halloween outfit this coming weekend. However, since receiving the Lighting Bolt necklace I’ve worn it every single day. It’s dainty enough to get away with on an every day basis, but it’s still a little bit edgy which is the vibe I pretend to have, although fail spectacularly at most days. I also adore the card it comes on with the iconic line from the witches in Macbeth. This is another pretty inexpensive piece, especially as it’s currently 25% off at only £12! All their pieces come in at under £30 though, so it’s easy to treat yourself without feeling too spendy.


As you can see, I’m not one to go all out on jewellery but it’s nice to add a few accessories every once in a while. What brands and pieces do you accessorise with on a regular basis?


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