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There are so many products that people rave about and I just don’t think that they’ll be worth it. I go for months without buying it, and then just one person says it and I decide I need it. With MAC Fix+, that one person was Han. I was watching her old videos and it was one of her 2015 favourites, so I decided I had to have it.


I opted for the travel size version (£10 for 30ml instead of £17 for 100ml). I know in the long run this makes it quite a pricey product, but if I absolutely hated it then I wouldn’t have a massive bottle of something I never use. Spoiler: that didn’t happen.

I’ve used this every day I’ve worn makeup that I’ve had it unless I know I’m going to sweat, then I definitely go for a setting spray. This sprays in a fine mist meaning you don’t get a random MAC Fix+ is a winner for two reasons for me.

The first is that it is great for dampening shadows before applying to get a better pigmentation. I’m lazy and barely like walking to the bathroom to dampen my miracle complexion sponge, let alone going back again to dampen my eyeshadow brushes. Fix+ does the job and I can still be super duper lazy. Plus, because it’s just a fine mist, I don’t feel like I’m over dampening my brush either. I use this after dipping my brush into the pigment, then brush onto my lids damp.

The second way I love to use this product is by spritzing it all over my face after I’ve finished my makeup. I love a matte finish on my skin so I use powder all over my face which can get a little cakey looking. Fix+ gets rid of this cakiness and smooths everything out so beautifully. It would also work pretty well as refreshing your face through the day, but I don’t ever wear makeup for long enough to worry about the need to refresh. Yes, I take makeup off after wearing it for about 3 hours.

My only pitfall is that they call it FIX+, which makes it sound like a setting spray. It isn’t a setting spray. It will not make your makeup stick to your face when you’re sweating out in the clubs at 3am. If you want something that does that, I highly recommend the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray (aka my bae).

But my one complaint aside, I do really love this and everyone needs this in their life. It makes your makeup look flawless and you can be hella lazy as well – basically the dream combination. I’m getting through this at a quicker rate than I’d care to admit and I will definitely be picking up the full size when I run out of my travel size because I’m telling you, this is holy grail.


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  • Kaylin

    I love my Mac fix +! I bought the full size at least 6 months ago and it’s still more tha! 1/4 of a bottle! It’s amazing 🙂 awesome post!

    • I love how much more natural it makes my face look. I cake on so many matte products (as dewy products just make me look greasy) and this takes off the powdery look. I am definitely going to be buying the full size!

  • I’ve never really got on the whole MAC Fix+ bandwagon, purely due to the slightly misleading name! I think after reading this though I may pick up a wee travel bottle to try, too!

    Beekeyper – Latest post – 6 steps to swoon-worthy skin

    • As long as you’re not buying it thinking its a setting spray, and you actually know what it is, it’s a great product. I’d be disappointed if I bought it as a setting spray but that’s not what I bought it for. It does what it’s supposed to do, it just has a very misleading name!

  • I have been swearing by this for such a long time! it is so amazing, I agree with you that the name can be misleading to some. If I hadn’t read up about it before hand I would’ve thought it was a setting spray. I can’t leave the house without using this once my makeup is done! -xo

    • I am such a powder junkie that it make sense for me to use this. If I need to last longer I just use the Urban Decay All Nighter over the top! x

  • I definitely want to get this, because every review I’ve read or youtube video I watched showed how it was excellent for making shadow pigments “come alive” HaHaHa Excellent review! I will invest and purchase one.

    • I definitely recommend buying it in the travel size like I did. It’s obviously worse value for money but I’d rather spend £10 in the first place for me to love a product and repurchase at a better rate than spend £17 on something I hate x

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