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Cheek Products as Eyeshadow?

Makeup is art, right? And you should be able to use it however you like, yes? Well when I told a few select people that I love using cheek products for eyeshadow, they told me it was interesting to say the least.


I’ve been loving using a few select shades as eyeshadows, and today I’m sharing those with you.

I am quite picky with my bronzers although you wouldn’t think that from my collection. If a bronzer is too warm, it automatically gets delegated to the pack of the drawer never too be used again (a girl can’t contour with orange). Until recently.


I was so disappointed when I bought Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess because it was quite expensive (even though it was at a CCO) and everyone raved about it. I swatched it in store, though it was fine…and then I got it home. It’s just far too orange for me and doesn’t warm up the skin at all – just makes it look like I’ve been tangoed. However, it works so beautifully as a transition shade! And I’m never going to run out because it’s a hefty 21 grams.

The second bronzer I’ve been loving as a transition shade is the contour shade from the Seventeen Define and Conquer Contour Kit*. I’d heard great things about this as a contour shade, but it is just too warm for me. However, it works beautifully in the crease and I’ve been loving using it in this way recently.

The final cheek product I’ve been loving in the crease recently is the first shade in the Technic Colour Fix Blush Palette. It’s a little more red toned which is colouring I go back to every summer, and it’s really well pigmented for the tiny price I paid (I believe it was no more than £3). In fact, this whole palette is more used as shadows for me that


A palette which requires an honourable mention in this post is the Sleek Blush By 3 in Lace, which I’ve had for a good couple of years now. I used to adore the middle shade (guipure) but find it a little too glittery for me now, however I’m determined to make the other two shades work a eyeshadows. The only reason why I’ve not yet is because my blending isn’t up to scratch. I just think these shades would make the most perfect sunset eye look and I can’t get rid of this palette until I do this eye. It’s a personal goal of mine.


Personally I don’t think you should go out and buy a bronzer or blush to use as a eyeshadow (as they’re usually more expensive, although not per gram), but it’s definitely worth having a scan over your collection to find products that could work. As I said, makeup is art and you can do it however you want!


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*This post contains products I was gifted in exchange for a review, but all opinions are my own. My full disclaimer can be found here.

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