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We all know around here that in the land of Essential Twenty, I love to cook. I also love to be lazy. When Very Lazy got in touch with me a while back (sorry! University got in the way of my blogging life and I’ve not been able to cook with these until recently) I jumped at the  chance to try these. Anything to make my life in the kitchen that little bit easier


When I popped to the post office to pick up my missed mail (as often happens), I was expecting maybe a jar or two of Very Lazy’s products. Instead I had to lug home most of their range! I’m not complaining though because I’ve had a lot of fun with these so far.

I was sent the Chopped Garlic* in white wine vinegar, Chopped Red Chillies* in white  wine vinegar, Chopped Ginger* in white wine viengar, the Lemongrass Paste*, the Chilli con Carne Concentrate Sauce* and the Thai Green Curry Concentrate Sauce*. Now, as I’ve said, life has been getting in the way so I haven’t had a full play with every single one of these products but I’ve had a good go with the food I would normally cook anyway. Aka not ginger or lemongrass because I’ve never cooked with them before I need to have more time to experiment!


A couple of weeks back, I was cooking a chilli. I got to the point just after preparing all my veg when I remember that these sauces were sitting in my blogging drawers. I whipped out the Chilli con Carne sauce and cracked on with the recipe. Literally the only difference to my normal chilli recipe was that this was added in place of chilli powder and whatever spices I would normally add. It did have quite a tangy taste but when served up with rice and soured cream, it tasted beautiful. Jack and I made the chilli last for a second meal each and we got to enjoy it again later in the week!


I’ve also used the chopped chillies in one of Jack’s favourite meals – chow mein (no photo to hand unfortunately. We always devour it before I get the chance to take a pic). To make this, I literally fry up chicken and veg, throw in 3/4 tsp chilli to give it a kick, add noodles and a tablespoon or two of soy sauce then serve. It’s such an easy meal! Over the past few months, I’ve noticed that if you don’t add the chillies, the chow mein is just a bog standard stir fry. The chillies are definitely required to up the dish’s game.


As I’m moving back in with my parents next week, I will be taking all the unopened products with me so that I can experiment a little more. I’m very excited about the Thai Green Curry sauce, but I was saving that to try out with my mum and dad as we are huge curry lovers!

If you think that your cooking needs a bit more pizazz, I could not recommend these highly enough. They really take your cooking to the next level, and you can be extremely lazy about it. And don’t be put off by the white wine vinegar, as that literally evaporates as you’re cooking which just leaves the taste of the food behind.


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