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    An Afternoon In Notting Hill

    Notting Hill | Essential Twenty

    In the Autumn, I told myself I was going to visit more places in London. The week after writing that post I actually took a trip to Notting Hill but never took the chance to share the trip on here, so whilst I pull together some other content, it’s about time to tell you what I think about one of London’s most loved blogger photography spot.

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    A Very Merry London Christmas: The Full Post

    Blogmas Day 8: London Christmas | Essential Twenty

    It’s not a Christmas to me if I don’t manage a sneaky trip to the big smoke. I find London pretty darn magical at any time of the year (although not enough to live there, not right now anyway), but it’s something else entirely at Christmas. Okay, it’s far busier than usual and it’s basically impossible to get a seat on the tube. But London Christmas is special to me, and that’s why I’ve compiled my favourite things to do in the capital during the festive season. I’ve also added in a few extra bits that I personally don’t choose to do that might be more up your street. If you want to know what I usually do, why not take a peak at this post I wrote last blogmas, all about my usual London Christmas trip. It even has the title I was going to give this post; I’m still in sync with 2016 Sophie apparently!

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    My England Travel Bucket List

    Last week I shared the 4 places in London I wanted to visit the most, and I’ve already managed to visit one! I’ve been thinking further afield, and this week is all about places on my wish list to visit in England. I have a few more places in the UK I’d like to see too, but I’m going to start with my home nation.

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    4 Places I Want To Visit In London

    4 Places I Want To Visit In London | Essential Twenty

    I’m in London a lot. I see a fair amount of shows so I’m there pretty regularly, but it means I fall into habits. I never stray far from the West End. I go to the same places for an afternoon cuppa, and you can always find me in Tortilla just off Trafalgar Square, but that’s about to change. I’m giving myself 4 places I want to visit in London by the end of 2018, and I’ll even try to back link them in this post when I eventually make it there.

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    White Scar Caves

    White Scar Caves | Essential Twenty

    Despite living in Yorkshire for three years, I never ventured into the Yorkshire Dales. There is so much of Yorkshire I still want to explore, but much of it requires a car. Fortunately just 15 minutes east of Kirkby Lonsdale lies the White Scar Caves. Just into North Yorkshire is this hidden gem – underground waterfalls, more stalactites than you can imagine and a downright good day out. 

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    4 Hours in Harrogate

    4 Hours in Harrogate | Essential Twenty

    I’ve realised that I go to a lot of places that take quite a bit of time to get to, and just don’t spend a lot of time there. Last weekend I went to a place I’ve wanted to visit for years and I really didn’t explore that much. Never mind, eh? If I’ve learnt anything in the past three months is that I have a very predictable travelling style which followed me through my trip to Harrogate for mine and Jack’s third anniversary.

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