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    Quend-Plage-les-Pins | Essential Twenty

    Over the bank holiday weekend, I packed up a campervan with Hayley and Katie (and Hayley’s mum) and we headed across the English channel to France. Sure we hit up Sephora and had the worst French skills known to man, but this trip meant we were fortunate enough to find Quend-Plage-les-Pins on the Picardy coast which is potentially a blogger’s paradise.

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    My Provisional Interrail Plans

    My Provisional Interrail Plans | Essential Twenty

    You may have spotted on twitter that I’m looking at going interrailing next summer. I’m definitely a homebody and whilst I love exploring the UK and frequently visit places by myself, I’ve never done anything quite as scary as going abroad alone. I’ve taken one solo flight in almost 23 years. Seriously, I just don’t go abroad alone. And whilst I probably won’t be alone this time (hopefully Jack will be able to come with me), it’s a scary thought! By talking about it here, I can finally feel like I’m implementing the idea of a summer of interrail.

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    Why I Can’t Just ‘Travel’

    Las Vegas: Why I Can't Just Travel | Essential Twenty

    This wasn’t the post I had scheduled for today but I’ve been thinking a lot about this over the past couple of weeks. Next summer I am hopefully going interrailing and as this post goes live I’ll be thinking about heading back from spending a few days in France. In the lead up I’ve been reading a lot of advice for travelling more, because of course it’s something I’d like to do. Everyone wants to travel! However, I don’t follow any of these tips. Not really.

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    11 Hours In Edinburgh

    11 Hours in Edinburgh | Essential Twenty

    Whilst I feel that I am fairly well travelled, in reality that’s a total lie. I’ve spent a lot of time in Spain, a few weeks in America and, besides a few other trips to Europe over my 22 years, that’s it really. In fact, until last week I’d never even ventured north of Cumbria. That’s right, I’d never crossed the border into sister Scotland. But being invited to see An Act Of Kindness at the Edinburgh Fringe gave me the kick up the bum I needed to take a trip to the capital and spend a mere 11 hours in Edinburgh.

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    The Scotch Whisky Experience, Edinburgh

    The Scotch Whisky Experience | Essential Twenty

    I’m going to start this post by saying I’m not a whisky drinker. I don’t like the smell, and the one time I tasted it I thought it tasting like I was eating a tree. I just don’t like whisky. However, Jack is. And whilst killing time in Edinburgh before we saw An Act Of Kindness, we popped into The Scotch Whisky Experience. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but boy am I glad we took the trip.

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    Classic Sightseeing London Duck Tour

    London Duck Tour | Essential Twenty

    Despite frequently visiting London, I have never been on a proper tour. I’ve done a lot of the really cool tourist things like the London Eye, walking over Tower Bridge and visiting Churchill’s War Rooms (that last one is definitely worth a visit) but I’ve never done an all encompassing tour. When I was invited on the Classic Sightseeing London Duck Tour*, I knew this was my opportunity to see a lot of London and I was definitely going to take that chance.

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