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    2015 in Review

    It’s Sunday the 27th of December. 4 more days until 2016 and I can’t believe it’s gone as quickly as it has! Every year goes faster than the last and I spend most of my time wasting it on the internet (at least that’s how my parents see it). But I enjoy it, and this year I’ve made some wonderful friends through blogging thanks to starting this adventure.

    2015 In Review
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    What I got for my 21st Birthday

    I did it guys! I made it to adulthood in every country of the world. After a day of surprises in Manchester from my boyfriend, and my best friends and family surprising me by all coming out for dinner with me in the evening, I was well and truly spoilt by all that is photographed and more (I didn’t have time to photograph everything, simply because I went home mid week to visit another friend for her birthday and I’ve been at either at uni or work during every single hour of decent lighting). Keep reading if you’re interested in what my nearest and dearest treated me to on my big day.

    As I said, my family and some of my best friends surprised me at dinner, and my mum’s friend actually made me these cupcakes. The Little Mermaid is my absolute favourite Disney film, and my mum really put a lot of effort into my presents (thinking about my favourite things, not just what would make a nice present), including these cupcakes. They were delicious, and I actually got to sample them again because the same friend made them for the friend I visited on Wednesday.

    The first gifts I opened, were from my boyfriend. He bought me my favourite crisps and chocolate (Lemon Harissa Crisps from M&S and Cadbury Chocolate Popcorn mmm), some Yankee Candle Votives and some Ted Baker earrings which I have been lusting after for years. He also paid for my day out in Manchester, and we’re going to go away for a long weekend in the New Year so we weren’t doing many presents.

    For my 18th, my parents bought me a Pandora Bracelet, and they followed suit for my 21st. This one included Ariel’s dress (you see the theme?) and a Happy Birthday charm, and my brother bought me the USA charm to go on it too. I also later got a heart charm from a family friend. My parents also bought me CK One Shock which my boyfriend bought me last year for my birthday and I’m almost out, a teddy bear, a bottle of champagne, Jamie Oliver’s latest book, flowers and a few Lush goodies.

    Mum didn’t want me to have bath bombs since I can’t use them where I’m living, so she bought me things that I didn’t need a bath for which was really sweet. She’s also promised me a day out somewhere of my choosing when my exams are over. My brother bought me a Wet Brush which I was close to buying in America as well as the charm, and IMO, it’s better than the Tangle Teezer (I said it).

    Another family friend bought me a bottle of prosecco, and my grandparents bought me chocolate (as well as giving me a cheque). The zebra canvas is from my aunt, as zebras are my favourite animal, a vest top and a necklace. Another necklace that I got was from a neighbour and she got a ha’penny from 1894 (100 years before I was born) made into a necklace which is absolutely beautiful and have already worn it a couple of times.

    My uni friends bought me the candle in the above photo and a Bomb Cosmetics bath bomb, as well as a Ted Baker makeup bag which was so sweet of them. The candle is way too nice to light, but I said I might for my boyfriend’s birthday next month. More family friends bought me a Red Letter Day gift for 7 courses of tapas and a cocktail night for two in London as they live out in Spain and wanted to get me something to remind me of them, so I think my boyfriend and mum are going to be fighting for who gets to go with me to that.

    One of my best friends from school bought me a silver bracelet and one of my mum’s best friend’s bought me a nail & brow kit and a set of bath goodies from Santuary Spa. Other things included an H&M voucher from my boyfriend’s mum and step-dad, a Costa card from the girl who made my cakes, a Topshop voucher from my aunt and uncle and a Nandos card from the best man at my parents’ wedding, as well as a fair amount of money which I’m putting into savings until I buy a camera (I think) in the January sales.

    I am now stuck with way too many balloons for my flat to handle thanks to my uni girls but I’m going to just leave them in the corner until they start to deflate. My parents also bought me a helium 21st balloon, but they always get me a helium balloon each year (it’s the norm in our family).

    Basically I was well and truly spoilt and I can’t believe how lovely everyone I know is. Now I need to think of something just as good for my boyfriend’s birthday since he managed to keep the whole day a total surprise. Now I need to go and find a place for all of these lovely, lovely things which is going to be a mammoth task in this little flat.

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    Let’s Talk Anxiety 

    Last week, Robyn posted about her experience with anxiety and it made me think about mine. There is a such a stigma surrounding mental health, even with it being more openly talked about. As mentioned in my post about Accepting Depression, I’ve been dealing with my mental health for about five years. Funnily enough, this post has come at an interesting time as now I’m back at university, my anxiety is through the roof again.

    I don’t struggle with anxiety when I’m physically ill, I don’t suffer when I’m exposed to new people, and I don’t get caught short when I get lost in a new place. My anxiety is always present, but is brought on worse at times of high emotions. Stress, anger, sadness, frustration, jealously, fear, and even things like happiness and excitement.

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    I Was Nominated For A Liebster Award

    Hello my lovelies! Whilst I was away, the very lovely Maddie nominated me for a Liebster award. I’m so sorry about how long it took to post this but it’s been manic recently, but I am so grateful for the nomination. Her nomination actually led me to the other nominees blogs and I’ve found some amazing new ones to follow. Anyway, the Liebster award aims to promote smaller blogs with 200 followers or less, so that’s me! The rules are as follows, and are not to be broken.

    1. After being nominated, make a post thanking and linking the nominator.
    2. In that post include the Liebster Award logo.
    3. Nominate up to 10 other new bloggers with 200 or less followers.
    4. Answer the 10 questions posed to you by your nominator.
    5. Make 10 questions of your own to be answered by your nominees.

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    The Musical Theatre Tag

    The always lovely Paris uploaded her answers to the Musical Theatre Tag a few days ago and I just had to jump on board with the tag. I have been an avid theatre goer for a number of years, and I’m particularly partial to a musical. I even managed to squeeze in a trip to the theatre when I was in America.

    Photo Source: Manhattan Guide

    I go through stages where my love for theatre is on par with my love for makeup, if not exceeding it, and I think my friends get sick of it. I’m forever humming something from some soundtrack somewhere, and people would probably think there was something wrong with me if I didn’t. So without further ado, here are my answers to the Musical Theatre Tag.

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    Accepting Depression

    I feel like I could write so much more on this topic, but I don’t want to pour my heart out right now. However, I want to say a little something about the subject as there seems to be a lot of mental health posts going around, and I want to share a small part of my story.

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