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    What I Got For Christmas 2016: A Brief Summary

    What I Got For Christmas posts are my absolute favourite at this time of year (videos not so much, but I’m all for posts), and since I was a very lucky girl this year, I wanted to share what I got with you. This isn’t to brag or anything, I just know that people are interested.


    I was going to wait until the new year to post this, as I am still waiting on seeing a couple of people who I know gifts are coming from, but as I’m doing a brief summary rather than the nitty gritty, I decided to leave them out. And if they’re exciting enough to talk about you’ll spot them on my twitter in a few days time. Disclaimer: This isn’t to brag. If you don’t want to read this then please leave.

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    Turning 22

    Last week was my birthday which passed without too much to note. I worked, I ate Chinese food, watched GBBO and went to bed. I feel like I’m a proper adult now as I have a full time job, I’m in a long term relationship and I’m even starting to save up for the future (although let’s be honest, I want to blow it all on makeup). Adulting hard.


    But turning 22 meant that I thought about years passed and whether or not I’m where I want to be. And 5 years ago I thought things were going to be very different.

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    Why Blogging Friendships Are So Important

    I’ve been online every day since I was 11. That’s half of my life talking to strangers on the internet. In fact, one of my best friends from the age of 16-19 was a girl I met on twitter! Since starting blogging I’ve spoken to probably hundreds of bloggers, and it’s thanks to them that my blog is where it is today.


    There are so many reasons why blogging friendships are so important and this is basically just a rambly post professing my love for some of my fave girls who I could not get through the day without having a chat to.

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    Just Go For A Walk

    I’m not one to jump on the bandwagon with posts. I tend to write what I want to write about which tends to be beauty, and not really write about what’s going on in the news or social media. I don’t do clickbait. But after a comment that was made on Thursday about mental health and me wanting to put my two cents in with a bit of backlash, I wanted to explain myself.


    #JustGoForAWalk was trending and I’m not going to put in anything about the girl who stated it originally (she can believe what she wants and I will let people have an opinion), I just want to tell you how I feel about it all.

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    I Survived University!

    If you saw my PSA on Tuesday, you’ll know that I graduated this week and I could not be prouder of myself. I had a frickin’ tough three years and I was close to throwing the towel in a few times but I didn’t, and I am a graduate.


    My name is Sophie Mills BSc like what on Earth? Don’t worry, I don’t think I’ll ever be referring to myself as that ever again.

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    PSA: I am graduating today!

    No new post today, as I am donning a cap and gown to receive my degree. I am going to have BSc after my name (lol as if I’ll ever actually write that) as my Medical Genetics degree comes to an end. Wish me luck!