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    I’m Addicted To Jigsaws

    I'm Addicted To Jigsaws | Essential Twenty

    I know I’m having a blast blogging right now, but when I’m not sat at work spilling acid down myself (lab tech who refuses to wear a lab coat problems) or tapping away at my laptop, I’ve been doing jigsaws. 23 going on 73? Maybe, but I don’t care! I’ve realised recently that I can’t spend all my life staring at a screen, so this is how I spend my time. But why?

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    How Not To Travel The World by Lauren Juliff

    How Not To Travel The World | Essential Twenty

    With the countdown until I hit Europe for a few weeks of travel ticking down to 10 months, I’ve been lapping up all the information I can get. I’m a planner, and I’ll be explaining more about that in a future post. But alongside the serious planning, I’ve been reading as much about travel experiences as I can. Blogs have been my main source, but I’m dying to read more travel memoirs. The first book I’ve picked up that isn’t a guide is How Not To Travel The World by Lauren Juliff, a book that I devoured in just a few short sittings (and I probably would’ve read in one go if that little thing called work didn’t get in my way). 

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    Quend-Plage-les-Pins | Essential Twenty

    Over the bank holiday weekend, I packed up a campervan with Hayley and Katie (and Hayley’s mum) and we headed across the English channel to France. Sure we hit up Sephora and had the worst French skills known to man, but this trip meant we were fortunate enough to find Quend-Plage-les-Pins on the Picardy coast which is potentially a blogger’s paradise.

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    My Provisional Interrail Plans

    My Provisional Interrail Plans | Essential Twenty

    You may have spotted on twitter that I’m looking at going interrailing next summer. I’m definitely a homebody and whilst I love exploring the UK and frequently visit places by myself, I’ve never done anything quite as scary as going abroad alone. I’ve taken one solo flight in almost 23 years. Seriously, I just don’t go abroad alone. And whilst I probably won’t be alone this time (hopefully Jack will be able to come with me), it’s a scary thought! By talking about it here, I can finally feel like I’m implementing the idea of a summer of interrail.

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    Richmond Theatre Autumn Preview

    Richmond Theatre Autumn Preview | Essential Twenty

    It’s no secret that I love a trip to the theatre so when an invite to the Richmond Theatre Autumn Preview Event popped into my inbox I replied instantly. I’m a very nosy person so knowing what’s coming up was a real must for me! So just before I watched The Railway Children, I spent a couple of hours with the theatre staff and other members of the press finding out exactly what Richmond Theatre has to offer between now and Christmas.

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