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Classic Sightseeing London Duck Tour

on August 1, 2017
London Duck Tour | Essential Twenty

Despite frequently visiting London, I have never been on a proper tour. I’ve done a lot of the really cool tourist things like the London Eye, walking over Tower Bridge and visiting Churchill’s War Rooms (that last one is definitely worth a visit) but I’ve never done an all encompassing tour. When I was invited on the Classic Sightseeing London Duck Tour*, I knew this was my opportunity to see a lot of London and I was definitely going to take that chance.

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Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour Cast Interview

on July 22, 2017
Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour | Essential Twenty

Two weeks ago I was invited to see Our Ladies Of Perpetual Succour. Not only did I get to see the show, but I was invited backstage to interview the cast afterwards. I love knowing the processes behind theatre performances, so I jumped at the chance. This was the first interview I’ve ever conducted, so I was very nervous but the company were lovely and put me right at ease. Hopefully you gain as much from this interview as I did from leading it!

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Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour

on July 20, 2017
Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour | Essential Twenty

On the 8th of July, the best blogging opportunity I’ve had to date occurred. We all know that I’m a big fan of the theatre and I was very fortunate to be invited to see Our Ladies Of Perpetual Succour at the Duke of York’s theatre in London. After performing so brilliantly at the Edinburgh Fringe a couple of years ago and going on tour, the show was given a West End stint which is due to finish in just over six weeks, but I’ve been lucky enough to see it for myself and let you know exactly what I thought.

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Summer Goals & To Do List

on July 15, 2017
Summer Goals | Essential Twenty

Today marks the first day of me being off work for 51 days. 51 days of nothing, I’m so excited. Okay, so not strictly nothing as I am off to Spain with my family in 2 days and to France with Hayley and Katie in just under 6 weeks, but I actually get to do what I want with my time for 7 weeks and I am so ready for this time off. I’ve seen a few monthly goals posts floating about recently so I decided I’m going to put together a list of summer goals that I want to achieve over the next couple of months.

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Review: The Philanthropist

on July 11, 2017
The Philanthropist | Essential Twenty

Oh look, I’ve managed to spend another weekend in London at the theatre. Whilst thousands of people took to the West End on Saturday to celebrate Pride, I headed to the theatre to see two clothes that are closing pretty soon. The two shows I’m going to be talking about next were not seen in this order, but it seemed daft to let you know my thoughts on a show that closes in under two weeks when it has less than a week left of its run. So today is all about The Philanthropist, written by Christopher Hampton, directed by Simon Callow and starring a host of actors that you will definitely recognise.

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