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    Why I’m Skint: Christmas Clothing

    Christmas Clothes Haul | Essential Twenty

    This year I’ve gone a bit mad on three things: Christmas jigsaw puzzles, Christmas presents and Christmas clothing, specifically pyjamas and socks. I have a bit of a thing where I treat myself to a new jumper each year, or at least that’s what I tell myself. This year’s single new jumper has become more than just a jumper and a t-shirt, as well as plenty of sock sets, and three pairs of pyjamas. Christmas Day is so close now, and you might not have picked up the exact clothing you want to wear. Maybe this post will help. Then again, maybe it won’t as we’re crazily close to the big day and I know I can’t bring myself to go shopping!

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    Pinterest Christmas DIYs

    Blogmas Day 13 | Essential Twenty

    I’m rubbish at arty projects. I’m a scientist through and through and this blog is the most creative I get. This doesn’t stop me scrolling through Pinterest for festive DIYs I’ll never complete though! But if you are a little more artistic than I am then maybe this list will give you some last minute Pinterest Christmas DIYs to complete over the next couple of weeks.

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    My 2017 Christmas Jumper Wish List

    Blogmas Day 12: My Christmas Jumper Wish List | Essential Twenty

    I bloody love Christmas jumpers. In fact, Christmas clothes of any sort I’m all eyes and ears for. Any other holiday you can forget it, but give me a tacky jumper during December and I’m one happy lady. In fact, give it another year or two and I’ll probably own enough festive jumpers and t-shirts to allow me to wear a different one all month! I just love treating myself to a Christmas jumper or two every year.

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    A Christmas Puzzle Haul

    Christmas Puzzle Haul | Essential Twenty
    I’m a jigsaw puzzle addict at the moment. There was a 4 day period in November where I completed three 500 piece puzzles and finished off a 1000 piece one. With Christmas rolling in, and me convincing Jack that jigsaw puzzles are the best thing ever, I’ve picked up a few – or far too many – Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles. Yes, there is zero chance of me completing them all before the Christmas period ends but your girl is going to do her best. Get ready for all of the Christmas Puzzle chat! Continue reading
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    A Very Merry London Christmas: The Full Post

    Blogmas Day 8: London Christmas | Essential Twenty

    It’s not a Christmas to me if I don’t manage a sneaky trip to the big smoke. I find London pretty darn magical at any time of the year (although not enough to live there, not right now anyway), but it’s something else entirely at Christmas. Okay, it’s far busier than usual and it’s basically impossible to get a seat on the tube. But London Christmas is special to me, and that’s why I’ve compiled my favourite things to do in the capital during the festive season. I’ve also added in a few extra bits that I personally don’t choose to do that might be more up your street. If you want to know what I usually do, why not take a peak at this post I wrote last blogmas, all about my usual London Christmas trip. It even has the title I was going to give this post; I’m still in sync with 2016 Sophie apparently!

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    My Christmas Cookbook Collection

    Blogmas Day 7: My Christmas Cookbook Collection | Essential Twenty

    Nothing screams Christmas to me like cooking. Whether that’s baking sausage rolls (my mum makes the best ones and I’ll fight you if you disagree), icing some festive shaped biscuits or whipping up the roast dinner of dreams, that’s Christmas to me. You probably only need one Christmas cookbook in your collection to help you with the big day, but I have a number in my stash!

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