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    Early 2018 Treats

    Early 2018 Treats | Essential Twenty

    Recently I found myself splurging and buying a few treats to myself – a belated valentine from me to me? It started as a blog prop splurge to help me up my photography game (it’s one of my goals for this year but I’ve been lacking the motivation; I hope this helps), but this included a few books that I could use in photos…and some makeup. Hey, this girl deserves a treat every now and again!

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    Realisations Whilst Binging Friends on Netflix

    Friends was a huge part of my childhood. Watching endless repeats on E4 was pretty much how I spent every evening after school. With Friends hitting Netflix last month, everyone was pumped to relive that portion of their childhood, and I was definitely excited to be part of it. Since rewatching Friends (which I have just finished), I realised a few things. Some are lessons, some are fun realisations and some are just points I’d never put down on paper before.

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    Blog At The Beach, January 2018

    Blog At The Beach | Essential Twenty

    Last weekend I took my monthly trip to Yorkshire. But instead of spending the weekend with Jack, I took the regular journey to Leeds for the Blog At The Beach Event. I actually went to a similar last summer and came out so inspired that my blog took a new turn over the the following months. Well this time, I’m writing about my new found inspiration, what I learnt and where I’m hoping my blog will go from here.

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    The Heartbreak Of Giving Up On Hobbies

    Giving Up On Hobbies | Essential Twenty

    Growing up, I was that child. You know, the one who was out every night after school at clubs. Ballet lessons, French lessons, recorder lessons, piano lessons, flute lessons, tap lessons, the school netball team, chess club (don’t laugh) and choir. Right up until I went to university, I still took ballet and contemporary dance lessons each week. But there’s something about getting older that makes you slowly dissolve your hobby list, and recently it’s been getting me down. Where are my hobbies now?

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    To Be Read 2018

    To Be Read 2018 | Essential Twenty

    Whilst I read a fair amount at the start of 2017, I didn’t quite read as much as I wanted to. I think I overdid it by averaging 2-3 books per week in the first four months. Whoops? And since I barely touched my 2017 to be read list, why not try 2018 with a better list for me?

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    Getting Organised In 2018

    Getting Organised in 2018 | Essential Twenty

    Happy New Year! It’s 2018 and I’m kicking blogging off with a bang. Every year I say that I’m going to get my bum in gear and get organised, and every year it lasts just a couple of weeks. Well in 2018 I’m turning 24, my lucky number, which means it’s the year I officially adult. I’m getting everything in order, and during the back end of 2017 I picked up a few bits to help me with the mammoth task of getting my life organised.

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